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5 Online Small Business Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

woman want to break up with boyfriend he refuses to take ring back

In today’s day and age, almost any business idea you can come up with has probably been used already.

But how unique can these business ideas be?

The good news is, there are so many opportunities to become an entrepreneur and build an innovative and unique business in any line of work.

That said, there are some out-of-the-ordinary ideas out there. Even better, many of them are very profitable.

Some of these ideas might make you shake your head, but you’ll surely say – how come I didn’t come up with that?

These unusual 5 business ideas we list below have a very random range – from hangover cure to astrological tattoo designs.

One thing surely connects them all: they’re all real businesses that make money.

Given the pandemic situation, we would even add that some of them can do well even in a down economy.

If you’re looking to start your own unique and unusual business, here are some great and well-established options you can choose from.

1. Hangover Cure Product Business

All of us adults have been there – that headache you wake up with on a Sunday morning, ruining half of your weekend.

To some it even negates the fun they had the night before.

To prevent that we now have a huge market of hangover cure products.

So much so that the global hangover cure products market size is expected to reach USD 4.67 billion by 2028, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

Not so obscure of a business idea any more, right?

You got it.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits associated with the consumption of hangover cure products.

They help improve metabolism, reduce nausea caused due to excessive alcohol consumption, and hydrate the body.

2. Custom Doll Business

We’ve seen these many times. What used to be normal before – to get a custom made doll – is now becoming a thing of luxury.

Today children are used to having dozens of toys, but not all parents are excited about all that consumerism.

Many of them want to buy less but high quality toys to their children, one that will withstand the test of time.

That’s where custom doll makers come into play.

They will handcraft dolls for clients based on either public demand or personalized requests.

3. Wedding Jewelry Reseller Business

Nobody counts on an engagement to fall apart, but it still happens.

But, what happens to the engagement ring bought for the big event?

If it’s already been given to the future (ex-) fiance, then it’s considered a gift and can’t be taken back.

In the case they are still with the person that wanted to propose, then they are stuck in a position in which they can’t get back the investment they made into buying this piece of jewelry.

This has sparked the imagination with some entrepreneurs who now buy engagement rings from sellers at a fair price for their rings and then sell them for a fair price.

4. Design Pizza Box Ads

Lots of people are ordering pizza to eat at home — in fact, 94% of Americans are eating pizza regularly these days.All of this people will have to open the box that contains their steaming hot pizza, and there is a big advertising space right in front of them at a vulnerable moment in time.

How not to use that space, right?

When getting into the hands of your target audience is half the battle, now is the perfect time for pizza box advertising.

One good way of thinking of pizza boxes is seeing them as Trojan horses that make your message – a delightful surprise.

Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 individuals can recall a specific ad they saw on a pizza box.

Make sure you tell that to your potential client for your new business!

5. Zodiac Tattoo Design Business

One thing that scares people away from getting inked is actually deciding to get a tattoo means something that they will want permanently inked on their skin.

And that tattoo you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

Given that everyone wants it to be the perfect one, many tattoo lovers are in search of their most relatable symbol to use.

Here is where tattoos and zodiac signs have a special connection.

Each zodiac sign has many different elements and symbols you can use for tattoo designs – from their glyphs, constellations, zodiac flowers and gems, planets and many more, as explained by Astro Tattoos.

The market is vibrant, active and if you want to go into a creative service business, check out this option of a fun design agency.

Published: November 19, 2021

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