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Top Shopify Apps To Look For In 2021


The year 2020 witnessed a boom in the eCommerce sector. More and more businesses are catching up with the digital train and reviving their survival mechanism during the pandemic by going online. The trend is still seeing continuous growth.

However, with the number of eCommerce stores increasing, no doubt the competition also has become cut-throat. Businesses, to sustain the competitive environment, need to keep up with the market demands. Especially meeting the customers’ expectations has become crucial more than ever as customer experience has become one of the driving forces. Under such a scenario, Shopify, one of the leading eCommerce platforms, has proved to be a boon for newcomers, enabling small businesses to thrive in one of the most challenging decade phases.

Today, in this article, we cover up the five most amazing Shopify up-scales apps that will make your customers’ experience journey exceptional, allowing your business to gain an edge over others.

Product Recommendation Quiz By RevenueHunt

This app does the selling for you. It is similar to having a salesperson in your online store who guides the shoppers from start to cart. The Product Recommendation Quiz App is exceptionally efficient at serving your visitors and turning them into customers by presenting the best match for their needs.

The personalized recommendations drive sales and let the businesses perform better by seeking answers to the quizzes for customers. Also, the app assists online stores to recover abandoned carts, grab leads and grow the audience base.

The main features include:

  • Increased sales and AOV
  • Send quiz results via email to customers
  • Customizable quiz design templates
  • Send leads to your mailing list or CRM
  • Advanced analytics and segmentation

Price: Free Plan to begin with for 14 days.

Dual Price Display PRO by Singleton Software

If, as an eCommerce store owner, you are looking forward to building trust with your customers, then what could be the best way than being transparent about the prices. Dual Price Display App does precisely the same. It allows online stores to display both the prices, including and excluding VAT. In addition, the app will enable you to decide how you wish to display the prices.

Highlights of the app are:

  • Shows price including VAT and excluding VAT for every product
  • Helps to serve your B2B and B2C customers better
  • Allows making changes in how the price is displayed
  • Provides many options for you to configure the design

Offers a 7-day free trial for you to experience the app for free

Maisie AI

If you wish to offer your customers a better shopping experience across their buying journey, then Maisie is the app for you. Maisie is your always-on digital sales and support assistant that engages your customers in conversations to help them find and choose products, get answers to their questions and track their orders.

Maisie helps e-commerce stores grow their sales by improving website conversion rates as well as remarketing to customers to win back lost sales due to abandoned carts and stockouts. Merchants also use Maisie as their front line of customer support, thereby slashing the volume of support tickets they have to handle manually.

Some of Maisie’s cool features include:

  • Conversational quiz bots to help customers choose the right product
  • FAQ and support bots to automate customer support
  • Real-time order tracking bots to keep customers up to date
  • Cart saver, price drop, and discount bots for lead generation and remarketing
  • Handover to human support via live chat, email, or Facebook Messenger

14 day free trial with prices starting from $9/month.

WonderPush Cart Push Recovery

Setting up push notifications for your Shopify stores becomes super easy with Shopify push notifications. This app allows the eCommerce stores to recover abandoned carts with a simple reminder and engage users again, bringing them back to the website.

The app helps businesses in:

  • Boosting sales by automatically reminding customers about the contents in the cart
  • Re-engaging customers by making stores interactive across all the channels
  • Respect user privacy as the app is fully GDPR compliant

The pricing plan is as per subscribers that $1/1000 subscribers and is free to install.


Customer Retention is known to be cheaper than customer acquisition.  LoyaltyDog provides you with a super-charged rewards and benefits engine that will help you keep your customers coming back more often and spending on average 25% to 40% more than others.  With 75% of Shoppers preferring to do business with organizations that have a Loyalty and Reward Program.

The main attributes of the app are:

  • Keep customers engaged by creating promotional campaigns like time-bound rewards and offers.
  • One program for a joint online and offline customer experience.
  • Sends push notifications directly to the customer’s lock screen and does not require any additional app installation.
  • Gamify the loyalty programs and create personalized campaigns based on activity-history.
  • Generate more revenue by identifying patterns that empower marketing decisions.

Prices: 30 days free trial. Plans start from $29 monthly.


Be it offline or online, it is the happy customers that make your business successful, and with these apps, you can easily woo your customers. All you have to do is offer great products and services while these apps take care of the customer engagement at each level.

Published: March 17, 2021

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