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Infomercial Techniques Sell!

By: Deb Bixler


Infomercial Techniques Sell!

Did you ever watch an infomercial and by the time the show was almost over you were on the verge of ordering the product, even though when you started to watch you had absolutely no interest?

The GTXpress101 can create an omelet, strawberry shortcake, pancakes, chicken cordon bleu, or stuffing (to name only a few) in minutes.

I am a trained chef and almost bought a GT Express the other night!!

For real! LOL I just felt like I could really use it!

Infomercials Techniques Are Powerful

Infomercials are powerful sales tools that the home party sales rep can duplicate to increase desire at the show.

Key Elements

Every infomercial has six key tools or techniques, that when put together in a systematic presentation always create desire for the product.

Every infomercial includes:

  1. Product Knowledge
  2. Repetition
  3. Testimonials
  4. Sidekick
  5. Urgency
  6. The Wow Factor

When you take all of those sales tools and put them into your home party business presentation, your guests will develop desire for your product, opportunity or services, even if they came to the party with little or no interest.

Product Knowledge: It doesn’t matter what company you are with: you are an educator.

You educate your audience in the benefits of your product or services. Your mission is to teach them how owning or becoming a part of your organization will enhance their lives.

Repetition: The amount of time you spend on a product should be in direct relationship to the value.

The collections, large price tag items, and your opportunity to schedule a show or become a sales rep, need to be repeated in new words throughout the show.

Testimonials: Solicit testimonials from the audience.

Tell stories of testimonials of people you know and/or past guests and quote outside experts.

Sidekick: Find a sidekick at your show.

It should be easy. Anyone who likes to talk. The host and/or past host is good, a loud guest, or the one who has all of your products. You bounce off of them. Bring them into the banter with questions and attention.

Urgency: You can establish a sense of urgency with monthly specials, expiring products, or even with a statement.

How about:
“It is only six weeks until summer, ladies, and this pedicure set will give you gorgeous feet and toes by the time you dig those sandals out.”

“You all will want to mark this on your order, so that it is in your kitchen by the time you are packing your cooler for the Memorial Day picnic!” Create a sense of urgency in a variety of ways.

The WOW Factor: “Look at that… I can’t even believe it myself!”

People buy emotionally. When people get excited, have fun and are impressed, they get emotionally involved. Bringing the WOW factor into your show and raising the excitement level will connect your guests to your mission.

Study Sales Techniques

“Sales is the art, science and skill of creating more and more desire in the marketplace for your product, service or opportunity.”
Deb Bixler

Study the art of presentation to develop systems that work. Apply those systems to improve your sales skills!

Published: April 1, 2019

Source: Create a Cash Flow Show

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