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3 Ways to Succeed at Digital Marketing in 2021

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Even though 2020 was not a good year for many things, it was a good year for digital marketing. This is because spending more time at homemade people spend more time and money on the internet. The trend isn’t slowing anytime soon.

Keep in mind that shopping habits are sticky and even if people will no longer spend more time at home as the pandemic recedes, they will continue to buy things online. So, you need to ensure that your digital marketing resonates with your potential audience. That said, here are some of the things that you need to do to make your digital marketing successful.

1.Outsource Things Outside Your Specialty

Many business leaders aren’t good at digital marketing. While you may understand domains such as web design, it does not mean that you are an expert in them. It is good to outsource those things to a digital marketing agency that you cannot do at a professional level.

Both small and large digital marketing needs are easy to contract. An agency can help you run your social media. A freelancer can help you write your ad copy. An outsourced CMO can help you develop your digital marketing strategy.

Apart from helping you focus on your core business; outsourcing can help you spot mistakes. Your own attachments can make it hard to spot. For instance, if Dove had hired a digital marketing consultant, they may have avoided ads that showed Black women becoming white women.

Dove apologized after this mistake in a statement saying that the ad didn’t represent the diversity of real beauty that the company has been passionate about and core to its beliefs. The ad damaged the reputation built by the company over a period of years. The point is digital marketing is not something to stumble through. Keep in mind that your brand’s reputation is on the line.

  1. Revisit Your Search Strategy

There is an old real estate saying that says that the three most important things are location, location, location. When it comes to digital marketing, it is SEO, SEO, SEO. Real estate professionals will advise you to avoid selling your property all by yourself and get an agent to help you sell your property. Since SEO is complicated and the site penalties are stiff the same thing is true of search.

As such, it is good to leave the SEO job to professionals. According to SEO agency Hennessey Digital, SEO is not all about tricking the Google algorithm or stuffing your website with keywords hoping that it will get a higher search engine ranking.

There’s more to SEO than your site. The backlinks your company’s site receives are as important as the content on your blog. In 2021, it is good to consider investing in off-page SEO. You should consider connecting with contributors of popular digital publications and point them to quality content on your site worth back-linking. Be willing to create guest content and share it out on your company’s social media platforms.

While it is possible to do some of the work all by yourself, you may ask for help. Technical SEO is among the areas where you will almost certainly need help. Ensure that the security certificate of your sit is valid. Check whether there are broken links. Clean up the architecture of your site and ensure Google is indexing it.

  1. Invest in Interactive Content

Interactive content is gold in digital marketing. Such content has many benefits including the fact that it makes a person stay on your site longer hence making it more likely that they will convert. This will make Google see your site as an authority. Interactive content can take many forms: polls and surveys, calculators, infographics, games, contests, product recommenders, and so on.

One of the well-known examples is Buzzfeed’s quizzes. Clinique’s Foundation Finder asks questions and recommends a foundation based on the input of the user. Allbird’s “The View from Above” story in the New York Times has moving illustrations both in the sense that they move as the user’s cursor does and in terms of their emotional impact.

Besides, interactive content such as quizzes can be more engaging and can also generate new audience insights. Hootsuite CMO Penny Wilson says that the ability to see how a user answers every question will give you incredible insights into the user. He adds that other forms of interactive content can help you know the interests, ‘likes,’ pain points, and patterns.

You can build new audience insights into your content. For instance, if you run a fishing business and learn that users also like to hunt, that detail is very important even if you do not sell firearms. Don’t ignore it. Show them public lands that provide recreational opportunities. Consider adding a camo print to your fishing vests.

Although developing interactive content requires much effort, it does not require technical expertise. With tools like SurveyMonkey, you can put together a poll in a matter of minutes very easily. Putting on a contest only requires you to blast out the details and deadlines to your email list.

Digital marketing is very important. Do not use the same strategies you used in 2020 without making any changes. Even though these strategies may work, they may not be effective. You have to ensure that you take your digital marketing game up a notch. Collect data, enlist partners, and create content now. The time is now. With the right digital marketing strategies, 2021 will be the year of getting more attention online.

Published: May 7, 2021

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