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3 Offline Ways You Can Promote Your Small Business

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Ask most small business owners, and they’ll tell you they run a website to promote their service or product and ultimately gain customers. In fact, according to survey data, 72% of small to medium sized businesses (SMB) have an online presence.  While having a website is definitely a necessity rather than a luxury these days in the competitive realm of doing business, it’s not the end-all-be-all to promote your small business.

Why You Should Consider Offline Marketing

It’s a no-brainer that getting the word out about your business is crucial to gaining brand awareness, attaining customers and landing sales.  Your business website can certainly be a powerful resource in your marketing toolbox.  However, if you’re not doing offline marketing to promote your SMB, you’re missing out on capturing the attention of a lot of potential customers.

When you draft up your marketing strategy, it’s important to know that the more promotional strategies you have in play, the more opportunities your customers have to find you.  That said, here are a few offline ways you can promote your small business.

Start an Old-School Outreach Campaign

In this current age of emails and video chats, old-fashioned communication is quickly becoming a lost art.  Research released by the University of Texas revealed that people tend to be more engaged and attentive during voice-based communication such as a phone call over text-based emails.   Therefore, you may want to opt for a jingle on the phone to promote your SMB over relying solely on emails or texts.

Additionally, you might want to consider writing correspondence and snail-mailing it to your customers. This could be as simple as mailing a “thank you” to customers for purchasing your product in order to inspire repeat business.  Studies show that handwritten notes are an effective form of marketing because it leaves a lasting impression upon the recipient. 

It’s important to note the difference between handwritten marketing and direct mail tactics.  One is much more personable, and augers a sense of trust in your customers. Alternatively, direct mail might be more likely to wind up in your customer’s trash bin without them giving your business a second thought.

In-store advertising is a great way to boost sales and create more brand awareness. It allows you to get your products right where customers are making their purchasing decisions — in the store. Research shows that in-store displays can result in an average 20% sales lift, which could potentially increase up to 50% if placed near the point of purchase.

Use Attention-Snagging Signage

Biz reps wearing sandwich boards while walking up and down Main Street had its place in the marketing world in the old days. However we’re talking about signage with a little more sophistication. For instance, let your driving do your marketing work for you with a custom vehicle wrap. 

Simply design your logo and slogan (or have it designed for you) with your contact information and have it digitally mastered in the form of a vinyl wrap that adheres to your car or van.  This converts your everyday commute into an eye-catching promotional statement on wheels.  Once you learn more about vehicle wraps, you’ll understand this marketing tactic can turn a lot of heads and garner a significant amount of awareness for your product or service.

You may also want to consider leasing a billboard or other roadside signage to promote your business. According to a study conducted by Arbitron National In-Car Study revealed in Forbes Magazine, 71% of people still pay attention to billboards.  Furthermore, over 70% of people reported they shopped for products or services seen on a billboard during their commute or after they reached their destination. 

Also, factor in the advances in dashboard technology such as voice activated assistance.  This convenient shopping while driving trend could compel your customers to order your products or services via voice command while in their car after seeing your signage.

Utilize the Power of Local

Some of the most effective promotional tactics are grass root, bootstrap strategies.  Getting back to basics by connecting with your local community can be an incredible boon to your small business.  Think about getting your business and employees involved with local events and charities.

You can even host a charity yourself while featuring plenty of advertising for your SMB.  Volunteer for community cleanups and promote your business while giving back to the neighborhood.  You get the idea. Getting involved locally can be incredibly powerful for getting people to trust, acknowledge and ultimately purchase from your small business.

The Benefits of Offline Marketing

We live in a digital age, and there is no arguing that online marketing is an impressively effective way to gain customers.  However, relying solely on the power of the internet equates to losing out on other opportunities to connect with customers. 

That’s where the power of offline marketing kicks in.  It can be a successful way to instill trust in customers which can make them more open to purchasing from you. When done properly and thoughtfully, offline marketing has a way of leaving a lasting impression on your customer.  

Published: May 2, 2022

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