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How To Save Money When Working From Home

5 Creative Ways to Save Money in Your Business

Remote working has exploded over the past few years, and never more so than recently. One UK study even shows 30% of the British labor force working from home at least one day a week in 2022.

People working from home like the comfort but also the money savings. Remote workers don’t have to worry about costs for commuting, wardrobes, doggy day care or excess coffees and lunches out, and typically save thousands a year from this. 

Nevertheless, temptations to carry out online shopping or order take-ways from delivery services such as Deliveroo are rife. So, we have come up with some top tips and tricks on how to save even more money whilst working from home. Here’s how… 

8 Top Tips To Save Money If Working From Home

  1. Make a Meal Plan

Working from home provides a great opportunity to stop spending unnecessary money on food. To avoid the temptation of take outs, devise a meal plan at the beginning of the week or consider batch-cooking so that you have an array of quick and easy meals to dig into during your lunch breaks.

  1. Reduce Your Car Insurance Costs

Since you may be driving less miles without having to commute, your chances of being involved in an accident could be lower. If so, get in touch with your auto insurer and let them know that your annual mileage has changed as they may be able to lower the cost of your premium. 

  1. Save on Your Energy Bills

Whilst working from home, it’s easy to leave the TV on in the background or the lights on in the kitchen even though you’re working in the living room. Make an effort to turn off any unnecessary lights or make use of the natural sunlight.

Switch off any electronics such as a fan or air conditioning if they are not in use to save easy money. You could even consider planting a tree in your garden to create shade over your house during the hot summer months. 

  1. Claim Expenses

Whilst working from home, you could ask your employer to cover the costs of important products or services. Examples include paying for some or all of your internet since you would not be able to work without it.

  1. Consider Relocating

As a remote worker, you may have the freedom to live in any area that you desire. It therefore might be a good option for you to move to a more affordable city. Living in an area with a lower cost of living could help you to save money and lower your bills.

  1. Put Money into Your Saving Account

Since remote working can result in saving extra money, you could deposit the additional savings into an account with high interest rates that could help your money grow. Dan Kettle of finance startup, Finger Finance explains that “Working from home offers you the chance to put extra money towards your financial goals.” 

  1. Declutter Your Working Space

A clear working space creates a clear mind so why not remove anything you rarely use to earn money at the same time. You could go to a car boot sale or sell items on websites such as eBay which make it super easy to cash in a few extra pounds.

  1. Reduce Childcare Costs

With the costs of childcare rapidly rising, you could potentially save money by reducing the length of your childcare. This would enable working parents to be available for their child’s needs whilst still bringing in an income.

Published: November 16, 2022

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