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6 Tips for Package and Labeling Management

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Product Packaging is the process that uses technology and resources to enclose or protect products during transportation, storage, sales, and when used by the final consumer. In other terms, it refers to the designing, evaluation, and manufacturing of product packages. Its primary use is to protect, preserve, and hold the product during transportation and selling. Package and Labeling Management refers to the process of managing all the packaging and labeling processes. Here are their objectives.

Product Protection

Packaging helps protect the product against adverse weather conditions, mechanical shock, vibration, compression, temperatures, electrostatic discharge, and other effects. It creates barrier protection to the product against oxygen, dust, and other contamination and ensures the product reaches the client in good condition, free from contamination.

It Helps in Marketing

Packaging and labeling push the product to the targeted market. A well-done product package helps entice buyers to pick the product, while labeling helps pass important information to its consumers. A product’s design and labeling can entice clients to pick a particular product with similar products in the market, leaving the competitors’ item.

Labeling also helps in passing important information, which might have required another medium to pass the information to the clients. Such information includes ingredients, product composition, recipe, procedures, and much more.

Brand Identification

Packaging and labeling show the company that manufactured the product, its composition, and other important details, making it unique. It also indicates to whom the product was manufactured, processed, or packaged. It also describes what’s in the product, its nutritional values, and who is supposed to use the product. Such information helps to guide the buyer while purchasing the product.

Portion Control

Packaging helps products to be served in different portions according to the clients’ needs. It helps divide a bulky product into smaller pieces that can be distributed and purchased by different user groups. Commodities are put into smaller sizes to fit households. Instead of sending a whole box of ice-creams, packaging helps divide the quantity into consumable sizes with labeling highlighting the sizes and what’s in the package.

Helps Track Sales and Quantities

Product packaging and labeling help companies track quantities from the production plant to the final consumer and track their sales. Through software, companies can label and encode their products to monitor the supply chain. The company can monitor the number of products made, quantities released to the market and how much got sold, and the returns. This supply chain management helps the company curb theft, pilferage, and losses from the company to the final consumer and helps them understand their market.

It Helps Organize the Business

Most businesses produce more than one product. With these products, packaging and labeling help companies differentiate their products from production to the final consumer. Labeling also helps in the manufacturing processes by differentiating raw materials and shows their various usages. The labeling helps to have the right type and quantities of raw materials for production, while packaging helps protect these materials.

Companies need to have the right packaging and labeling to enhance their distribution and marketing needs. Packaging and labeling management help make these processes work and deliver their intended purpose both in product production and sales.

Published: January 15, 2021

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