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Why Candidates Themselves Will Be Key to Your Talent Recruitment

Why Candidates Themselves Will Be Key to Your Talent Recruitment

Recruiting the right talent continues to be one of the top concerns for businesses, even in today’s technology-driven world. In fact, a deluge of online resumes can make recruitment even more challenging than it has been in the past.

However, these advancements and changes open up a lot of opportunities for finding great candidates to fill positions at your organization. Consider these key points when creating and improving your recruitment process going forward.

Candidates Are Your Pool to Choose From

Candidates will always influence your recruitment simply because they are the pool from which you have to choose new employees. In some cases, that pool can be quite good and you may have many qualified candidates vying for the position. In other situations, you may have very few quality candidates to choose from, or even none at all. This alone is a basic, determining factor in your recruitment success, both in the past and in the future.

Because of this simple fact, your company will want to use various methods to ensure quality candidates who are the best fit end up in your candidate pool. Methods that work include being clear and upfront about the role, advancement opportunities and your company’s vision.

Different Candidates Have Different Needs

In spite of how automated the recruitment process can be, it is just as important to remember that all candidates are individuals. They will come to the process with their own unique experiences, skills, needs and wants. Employers, then, must evaluate these needs so they can seal the deal with a new employee as well as retain that employee in the future.

For example, educational institutions should consider what teachers specifically look for and appreciate in a job and in an employer. From this information principals and administrators can come up with a strategy on how to retain teachers.  This can include the adequate provision of classroom materials, a strong support network and other key perks.

You should strongly consider the industry you are in and what the interests, needs and wants might be of the candidates you are trying to attract. Certain perks are almost universally desired, such as flexible hours and generous insurance benefits.

Candidates Talk

It is important for businesses and HR departments to remember that candidates talk amongst themselves. To form and preserve a strong brand, companies should be especially careful during the hiring process so candidates will think highly of them.

Poor communication is one of the main factors that anger job candidates during the hiring process. Although it can be time-consuming, it is in your company’s best interest to follow up with candidates. Even if they are a definite “no,” you should still send them a quick message informing them of your decision and thanking them for applying.

If candidates feel they are treated well and fairly during the hiring process, even if they don’t get the job, they will talk about their experiences with your company in a positive light.

Candidates Will Change How Employers Advertise Positions

One major way candidates will continue to influence recruitment is in how and where they look for available jobs. Recruiters and HR staff need to know where their ideal candidates tend to search for jobs and spend more of their recruitment efforts there. They also need to know where to find candidates who may not actively be searching for a job but may be enticed by an attractive offer.

Perhaps the largest change is surrounding social media. Candidates, especially younger candidates, heavily use social media in all aspects of their life, including the job search. Industry-specific sites and organizations are also especially helpful for finding certain kinds of candidates.

The candidates themselves will always be key to your company’s recruitment success. Make sure you attract the right ones in the first place and treat them with respect throughout the hiring process. By optimizing your recruitment process and appealing to the candidates, your company can attract the best talent and enjoy a strong reputation among job seekers.

Published: March 11, 2019

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