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How to Hire the Best Assistant for Your Small Business Needs

How to Hire the Best Assistant

As your business is growing, so do your responsibilities. You may be working out of your home, or maybe you just moved into a new office to accommodate all the work you have piled up. Maybe your business isn’t yet big enough to take on full-time employees, but you do need help in getting things done.

It may be time for you to take on an assistant who can support you in all aspects of your firm. Read on for how to find the best assistant for the job.

Find Someone Experienced

If you need someone to jump on board right away and start supporting you in your day-to-day business needs, you want to hire somebody who is experienced. You will probably have to pay this person more than, say, a new college graduate, but a recent grad will require lots of training that someone with experience will not. Ask around in your circle of small business owner friends to find out if they know of an executive assistant who may be looking for a change. Another way to find an experienced candidate is by working with a recruiter for executive assistants. These people usually have a steady pool of qualified applicants from various industries.

Get References

Sometimes, an in-person interview isn’t the best way to gauge a person’s personality and qualifications. Make sure that whoever you are interested in hiring, you get their references. Talking to people who have worked with this person in the past will give you a far better representation of that individual’s work ethic and experiences. You’ll know exactly who you’re hiring if you take the time to contact references.

Ensure Expectations

The job of an executive assistant very much varies depending on the company and whom the person is an assistant to. During the interview, make sure that the job expectations are clear. Someone who is used to answering the phones and ordering lunch may not know what hit them if you suddenly ask them to come along on your daily meetings to take notes. Make sure that you know what they expect out of the job, and that they know what you expect.

Ask about Future Plans

A good assistant is someone you want to stick with you for as long as possible. Before hiring an assistant, ask him or her what their future plans are. If this individual is looking to open up their own small business by next year, this may not be the long-term relationship you were hoping for. Ideally, you should hire someone whose long-term interests are compatible with yours.

Hiring an assistant can ultimately improve your daily productivity a whole lot. Tasks that don’t require your entrepreneurial outlook can be given to your assistant, and having support on your day-to-day rounds can make a whole lot of difference.

Published: May 17, 2017

Source: Biz2Credit

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