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7 Ways Customer Surveys Can Grow Your Conversion Rate

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Ways Customer Surveys Can Grow Your Conversion Rate

When you create a survey with a specific goal in mind, your number one priority is, naturally, to achieve that goal. Businesses on the Internet are highly dependent on traffic and unique visitors who access the page. The key to achieving those goals that you are ambitiously trying to reach lies in the conversion rate of your website. In other words, not only do you need people to visit, but you also need them to take action and make the transition from passivity to activity.

The most frustrating scenario occurs when there is a decent influx of visitors, but the conversion rate is low or nonexistent because they barely take any action. It’s almost pointless to have an online store accessed by hundreds of people that, unfortunately, has no sales. There is a way to help prevent that and to ensure growth in your website’s conversion rate. The secret? Customer surveys.

Try asking a client leaving a store why they decided to leave without buying anything and, almost definitely, you’ll see their reluctance to answer. Let’s not even mention the fact that very few store-owners actually pose this question. The anonymity of the Internet makes it much easier to ask possible clients to spare a moment of their day to complete a survey. By doing so, they will help with:

  1. Exit & Bounce Rates
  2. Market Trends Identification
  3. Fast Feedback
  4. Learn to Filter
  5. Emotional Engagement
  6. Trust Increase Through Reviews
  7. Establish a Bond with Customers

Marketing Boost

Exit & Bounce Rates refer to the percent of visitors who exit the site without taking any action and, respectively, those who land on a page then leave without clicking on any other page. This is the biggest problem that any website owner has to confront. Surveys can help combat this by directly asking visitors why they chose to leave and weren’t interested in your services. Alternatively, you can ask them what they would like to see that they haven’t seen yet.

Market Trends Identification is important because it helps you localize what are the hottest products and services sought by the majority of Internet browsers. By providing an open-ended survey that asks visitors what they would like to see, you can get a general idea of what might appeal to a larger audience. Center those results, implement that feature, and the odds boost of someone taking action and converting.


The Fast Feedback provided by surveys is a clear advantage. Tools that analyze traffic, conversion rates, and other forms of data require a certain amount of time to develop the statistics or to be updated. The results of a survey are memorized and sent to you almost instantly.

You can Learn to Filter your services or products. By including a field that asks the customers their gender, age, or social class, you’ll be able to create categories and, thus, appeal to a variety of customers rather than a niche.

Personal Advantages

Surveys provide Emotional Engagement. This means that, when faced with a survey and a thank you page, visitors will know that you value their opinion and seek to deliver exactly what they’re looking for.

Alternatively, you can include an open-ended survey that gathers reviews. This will lead to a Trust Increase Through Reviews, which is going to let future new visitors know that you aren’t afraid of their opinions. Likewise, if a specific product has many positive reviews, the customer will be more likely to take action in its direction.

Last but not least, the whole point of a survey is that it helps Establish a Bond with Customers. They visit the website, they choose to leave, and then they are shown that you want to improve your services to change whatever it was that made them click away. It’s the most direct form of communication between you and the visitor, and it will naturally make you more sensitive to the requests of the public.

In conclusion, customer surveys help improve your marketing strategies. They are practical ways to quickly gather information and take action before the conversion rate drops irredeemably. And they facilitate a business that’s founded on inter-personal interactions and opinion valuing.

Author: Mike Jones is a Boston University graduate, with an MS in Mass Communication. He is a full-time writer, passionate about everything related to business and technology. He sometimes writes for CustomerSurveyReport.com.

Published: May 31, 2016

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