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4 Ways Gym Owners Can Keep Their Staff Happy

4 Ways Gym Owners Can Keep Their Staff Happy

Happy gym employees are vital to the success of a fitness facility. When everything is going well with your staff, your business will run smoothly and when they are not, the reverse is usually the case. Equipment falls into disrepair, clients are treated poorly, and membership plummets. So how can gym owners keep their staff happy? Read on to find out 4 ways to do that.

1. Pay Attention to Feedback

In order to be happy, the staff at your gym must feel like they are valued. One of the best ways to do that is to listen to the feedback they give you.

While it is easy to imagine you know everything about your gym because you built it, your employees spend enough time working in it to understand how it functions at a level you cannot manage. Consider asking questions like:

  • In what ways can we improve member experience?
  • How can the work environment be made better for you so you can be your best for our customers?

These questions let your staff know that you trust them and that they can speak to you freely as they are a part of the business and can contribute their own unique takes to make it better. As they feel more and more like members of a family, they will be more loyal to your business and go above and beyond to help your gym grow.

2. Give Juicy Benefits

The fitness industry is notorious for being low paying, but the expenses that professionals have to deal with are ever on the rise. If you want your staff to be loyal to you and give your clients their best possible effort, consider making their lives easier by offering them a decent wage with juicy benefits.

Some benefits you can consider offering your gym employees are:

These are just a few of the benefits that you can offer the employees at your gym. You can find out what other benefits you can give by researching competitors to see what they offer their staff and matching it however you can. By offering your employees the best possible benefits, they will be more likely to stay with your fitness establishment—knowing that they will not get a better employment deal elsewhere.

3. Help Them Develop and Grow

While you want your employees to be loyal to your facility, it is important that they grow while they are at your facility. Some ways you can help foster growth are:

  • Give staff increased levels of responsibility to test their competence.
  • Offer training programs for instructors to develop their training skills for customers.

With the right types of training, your staff will evolve just as your business does and they will be more likely to stay with you through your journey.

4. Make It Easy for Them to Excel at Their Jobs

A fourth way that gym owners can employ to keep their staff happy is to create conditions that make it easy for staff to excel at their jobs. For instance, staff affairs can be managed using a staff app, while the staff can manage the gym properly with the help of world-class gym management software.

Some examples of reputable gym software tools are:

  • Wodify
  • Clubworx
  • Gym Planner

Tools like these remove a lot of guesswork from the workflow and make it easier for your staff to do the things they do best – be good to your clients.

If you own a gym, your staff is the one that keep it alive. They interact with your customers, training and serving them in every way possible. It is always in your benefit to ensure that they are kept happy so that they can make your customers happy.

Some ways that you can make them happy are to pay attention to the feedback they give you, offer them the best benefits possible, make sure that they can grow while they work with your facility, and make it easy for them to excel at their jobs. Although not exhaustive, doing these things will definitely make your gym staff happy.

Published: November 18, 2019

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