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Why Your Company Should Use Motivational Speakers

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Why Your Company Should Use Motivational Speakers

Motivation is an essential ingredient in any workplace. A motivated employee is likely to be happy and will certainly be more focused and productive. The issue that every employee must decide is how best to motivate your employees. Some will respond well to salary increases or better job titles but this can also cause issues with the remaining staff, particularly if this done simply to motivate the staff. Perhaps the best solution is looking at motivational speakers; this will inspire your staff for the following reasons:

Step Outside the Box

It is very easy for workers to become stuck in a rut as they process the same task day after day. They may well work to set deadlines and when these are completed simply move onto the next one. Attending a speech or event gives them the opportunity to focus on something different.

The Future

A motivational speaker can also be used to remind employees that they are part of something; each of their roles is important. Reminding employees of the company’s ambitions, targets and its success so far will not just help them to see they are part of something bigger. It will also help them to understand where the company is going and how they can play a part in its future.

A Fresh Approach

As with many things in life it is easy to miss the obvious when immersed in the day to day activities. A motivational speaker can see things from a different perspective and share this with the group; they can also inspire people to look at the problem differently. By stepping back they will be able to see alternative solutions that may not previously have been visible.


A motivational speaker should motivate your staff! This motivational will encourage them to embrace the future and to see the worth in their role in the business. Motivated staff will help to drive a business forward by working harder and promoting the business wherever they are simply because they are enjoying their work. A happy, motivated employee will also be less likely to leave the company and this can save the significant costs involved in training new staff.


It can be difficult to measure the success of a particular speaker or event although the obvious response should be an excited babble of talking after the event and an improvement in both behavior and productivity. The real test is what effect the motivational speaker has on the staff two or three weeks after the event.

To ensure the effect remains positive and long lasting it is essential that your speaker adopts the following approach:

  • Provides a way to deal with future issues based on past experiences and proven techniques. Even more important is that these procedures are adhered to if an issue arises, this will inspire faith in the system from your staff.
  • The most important actions and advice should be given in short sentences or phrases. Not only will this mean it is easier for the audience to absorb the information; it will also make it possible to place these key phrases in strategic places around the building. This will help to continue to inspire the staff.
  • The speaker should keep the speech personal, firstly by sharing a personal experience and then by relating it on a personal level to the audience. This ensures each member of staff feels connected to the speaker and the goals of the company.
  • The information and lessons provided by the speaker should be designed to aid all employees reach the company goals. Ideally it should encourage an atmosphere, where all staff feel capable and allowed to sort out issues on their own, particularly between staff. This is one of the best motivational techniques as people feel in control of their own destiny.

Entrepreneurs and companies should consider the services of motivational speakers. This sort of professional will know exactly which of your employees are happy which as losing interest. A speaker instills confidence, and might even persuade listeners to do things differently, and think about their future. Be free and abide the rules. This way your motivational speaking abilities will remain calm and unstained.

Author: Denny Averill loves to share his knowledge about business through his articles. He works for http://www.londonspeakerbureau.com/, a leading speaker and advisory network.

Published: August 31, 2015

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