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The Elevator Pitch: Not to be Told in an Elevator!

By: Deb Bixler



The ‘Elevator Pitch’ is really not meant to be told every time you get into the elevator!

The Elevator Speech
The Elevator speech is really just a script of what you want to say when someone asks you about your business. Many direct sellers just stumble around when asked “what do you do?”:
Having a clear and concise elevator pitch that creates desire will stimulate questions from the person you are talking to.
Deb’s Elevator Pitch
“I teach fun, fast and healthy mealtime solutions to families so that they can spend more quality time at the dinner table eating good for you foods!”
That is my elevator pitch for the healthy side of my business. I have a wide variety of variations to that pitch, but they are all very similar. When I am done though, the listener always says: “Wow! how do you do that?”
The Elevator Speech:
  • Should be short and to the point. Definitely less than 30 seconds (the time it takes to ride an elevator) but really 10 seconds or less is better!
  • Is all about the benefits that you provide to people. In my elevator speech example above, I could have said “I teach cooking classes,” but that does not focus on a benefit my services provide.
  • Must create curiosity. When you create curiosity then the person standing in front of you will ask a question that allows you to give more information.
How To Write Your Elevator Speech
In order to write your elevator speech, similar to writing your business mission statement, you must personally be clear on what exactly your purpose in business is.
Think about and answer these questions:
  1. What are your key strengths?
  2. What is it that you want to sell or offer?
  3. Who is your ideal customer?
  4. What problems can you solve?
  5. How would these things change someone’s life?
  6. What adjectives describe your mission?
Using the answers to those questions craft an elevator speech that you can say in less than 30 seconds. Basically, that would be less than 90 words.
Elevator Speech Examples
When writing your elevator speech think of it as a verbal business card. Make it as exciting as possible, so that when you are done saying it people will ask, “How do you do that?”
A few elevator speech examples:
  • “I help women find their serenity in this fast paced world by pampering their inner selves and creating peace of mind and body through meditation and holistic approaches to life.”
  • “I find solutions for home owners in the areas of organization and space utilization in order to assist in providing better use of space as well as an opportunity for families on a tight budget to reduce taxes.”
  • “I provide kid friendly budget minded meals and tips to Moms on the run so that they can keep their family on the right side of health without breaking the family’s wallet.”
  • “I create financial solutions for people of all ages who are struggling to make ends meet. With a product that everyone can use from the youngest to the oldest, my team is one of the fastest growing teams in the Eastern United States.”
Actually, you should probably have 2-3 elevator pitches. One for the business opportunity, one for booking a show, and one more general.
This article was originally published by Create a Cash Flow Show
Published: August 6, 2013

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