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3 Ways to Improve Communication in Your Supply Chain

By: Scott Resnick


Ways to Improve Communication with Supply Chain

Supply chains are wonderful at creating state-of-the-art products with the help of B2B companies across America. However, poor communication in one part of the chain can cause the entire system to topple like dominoes. Trust us — it’s not a pretty sight. So, when you’re a supply chain manager, maintaining clear communication channels within your workplace and with your suppliers is undeniably a top priority. Otherwise, your company risks production delays, employee frustration and even faulty products.

The good news is improving the communication within your supply isn’t actually that difficult. We’ll give you our favorite pointers below.

1. Be Transparent with Your Workforce

Mistakes happen when people don’t have the complete picture. If your employees and your suppliers aren’t fully informed about your company’s vision or they’re given vague and unfocused directions, it’s very difficult for them to effectively complete tasks. To ensure your supply chain’s continued success and longevity, you must prioritize communication by scheduling regular internal meetings and conference calls with external suppliers — and deliver your message in a clear, concise manner. After you’ve said your piece, ask everyone if they have questions, allowing space to preemptively address any issues.

2. Use Technology to Your Advantage

How can your supply chain act as a cohesive unit if you’re all using different networks to communicate and conduct business? We recommend streamlining your communications with a cloud-based network. When all members of your supply chain are using the same network, it becomes much simpler to track shipments, monitor stock levels and handle everyday communication. If you’re based in the Houston area, contact TTI today to learn more about our acclaimed M3S Cloud system and how it could improve your supply chain’s communication for good.

3. Act Proactively, Not Reactively

The modern world is a dizzyingly fast-paced place. To ensure your company stays on track, it’s necessary to react proactively to any challenges facing your supply chain and to navigate the shifts within the broader market. Lead by example by enforcing a practice of dealing with potential problems — such as concerns with demand capabilities and sourcing — before they arise and by asking your suppliers about their businesses practices to keep them on track with yours. If you’re always acting reactively, you risk falling behind your competitors and causing disarray within your supply chain.

Published: May 4, 2018

Source: TTI Houston

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