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Why You Need the Right Mentors to Grow

By: Kousik Nandi


Why You Need the Right Mentors

It takes a lot to achieve success in the business world, and over time it has been proven that there are vital foundational elements that are unavoidable for all entrepreneurs. The motivation to establish an enterprise must always be backed by investing time and money, constantly seeking and implementing brilliant concepts, and having the determination to go the extra mile.

At the surface level, these might seem like aspects that will naturally occur, but the truth is that there must be the right propelling factors to keep you going as an entrepreneur. Building an enterprise or managing a company can be draining, as a lot is expected of you like the vision bearer or CEO since you provide the direction for the enterprise. Essentially, this means that a loss of focus can have tremendous trickle-down effects that could lead to failure given the stiff-neck competition common across all industries today.

The good news is that despite the numerous challenges and odds that have to be faced in the world of entrepreneurship, success is ever within reach. A trend that has been witnessed among great entrepreneurs that you can embrace is to have the backing of great mentors and advisors.

Every high-impact entrepreneur across the world who took the path less traveled and went ahead to build a mega-empire has a figure they looked up to. For Steve Jobs, there was Ed Woolard and John Sculley; for Bob Iger it was Tom Murphy; and for Bill Gates, it is Warren Buffet. This trend is not only in business circles but cuts across the board for all individuals who have gone on to be successful in other areas of life. Former U.S. President Barrack Obama attributes his drive to one Frank Marshal Davis, who was ever at hand to provide him with life-changing advice and perspectives of life.

Even at a time when information is readily available at the click of a button, the value of mentors has not faded and continues to be an aspect that can never be ignored by anyone seeking to make great strides. This is because unlike the generic information that one can easily find over the internet, a business mentor offers invaluable insights on entrepreneurship that originate from their experiences.

These insights then become a solid foundation for forging ahead and gaining much-needed business mastery that sets apart exceptional entrepreneurs from ordinary ones. The path to success is largely similar, and by taking lessons from renowned business strategists who have managed to excel even in the most challenging times, there is no limit to how far one can rise.

Great entrepreneurs also have a distinct character, and that is why they have strong personalities and an energy that is contagious to those around them. No business is ever built in a vacuum, and anyone passionate about entrepreneurship must have the right levels of self-confidence and emotional intelligence.

Fears and insecurities can hold back great dreams, and for a business, this will significantly limit growth and abilities to attract the right skills for prosperity. This is a weak link, not only for entrepreneurs who are just establishing themselves but it extends to highly experienced CEO’s who are established as a force in various industries. Great mentors understand this and will provide a platform where the fire that propels you to achieve more is rekindled, and there is enhanced confidence in your abilities as a leader.

Another core reason why mentorship is instrumental to success is that it pushes one beyond a comfort zone, providing a challenge to achieve more goals and surpassing those milestones. The inherent risk that comes with making a business move often holds back even the most daring entrepreneurs from time to time. However, by having a professional that can help you come up with a roadmap to success, you gain the confidence to find the right formula for every issue.

Instead of cowering at the thought of growth, you gain enhanced personal capacity to come up with the right strategies and consequently dominate the competition. This invisible advantage provided by mentors will eventually manifest in great empowerment, enhanced skills, and improved tactics for running the business and taking charge as the vision bearer.

Published: October 18, 2019

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