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Leading by Example: How to Create Dynamic Leaders in Your Business

Leading by Example

As an entrepreneur, your business is like your child… You were there during its creation and you watched it grow and blossom into the successful business it is today. But just like raising a child, you had help along the way in growing your business. It’s not easy starting your own business and building it into a success… like they say… “it takes a village,” and it truly does.

The thing about reaching success as an entrepreneur is realizing that you will indeed need help for your business to achieve the level of success you know it can. Needing help can come in the form of hiring an accountant or marketing firm. Needing help can also come in the form of needing assistance in protecting your assets as well. You might consult with your local law firm for help on drafting your power of attorney so that in your absence you’ll have someone appointed to make decisions on your behalf, even when it comes to your business… you just have to choose the correct one.

Speaking of “in your absence”…isn’t that the whole point of creating great leaders? Every successful business needs great leaders so that in your absence, business will still be conducted as usual. Now, your absence can mean anything from going on vacation or going way for business meetings or even death. However you choose to look at it, you want your business to be in absolute great hands “in your absence” and the only way to do that is to create great leaders.

So how do you create great leaders, you ask? Well, there’s a multitude of ways to do that, it just depends on how you choose to do it and the types of employees you want to be leaders. Every employee is different and one method of molding someone into a great leader might not work for another employee, so you have to kind of play it according to the employee but ultimately, it’s up to you. Take a look at some of the most common and most successful ways of creating dynamic leaders for businesses.

Work Alongside Your Team Not Just Always Over Them (From Time to Time)

Some of the best leaders are formed when their bosses work beside them, not just over them. Now, as a business owner, you, of course, can’t do this all the time but in order to create great leaders, they need to learn from the best and that’s you. A lot of the times, people are more willing to learn from you and respect you more when they can see that you’re not afraid or too good to get in the trenches with them.

Take on some of their responsibilities and see what they see sometimes. When you’re at the top, it’s hard to see what goes on under you, and that’s why you need to have great leaders to follow in your footsteps… they are essentially your eyes and will provide you with information you need to know to help you make better-informed decisions about the company.

Be Understanding

As the business owner, you know first-hand that no one is perfect because you’ve made your fair share of mistakes when you first embarked on your journey of starting your own business so, with that, you should be a little more understanding when your future leaders make mistakes. Making mistakes is a great learning opportunity for your team and a great coaching opportunity for you.

Achieving greatness takes time and nobody knows that better than you. So don’t be so quick to judge or berate when your great leaders aren’t created overnight. When a mistake is made, help them learn from that mistake, and coach them sooner than later so that the coaching will have a greater impact. In fact, entrepreneur.com states that learning from failures is what helps entrepreneurs become great leaders, so when coaching sessions are needed, they can speak from first-hand experiences of their own mistakes and how they learned from them.

Be Inspiring

You’ve heard people say “Do as I say, not as I do.” If you’re in management and have used those words, you’re a terrible manager and definitely not a leader. People who use that term will make people rethink why they should follow what you say or do. People should follow you because they believe in your mission and vision, not because you told them to. If you’re an inspiration to your team… their loyalty will never cease.

Published: November 1, 2019

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