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4 Unique Qualities Women Bring to the Workplace

Unique Qualities Women Bring to the Workplace

Despite the increase in leadership roles women have taken over the years, their qualifications are still often met with scrutiny and women’s equality is still something people are fighting for. While the reasons behind the biases are still being debated, there’s no doubt they’re still present. Not only have women proven to be just as (if not more, in some fields) capable than men, but they are matching them in every aspect.

In the professional world, female entrepreneurs are on the rise. In the sports world, more female athletes are participating in major events, with the number of women in the Olympic Games approaching 50 percent. In colleges across the country, women are outnumbering men. Yet, some reports say full-time working women are paid 80% of what men are paid on average.

The gender pay gap continues to puzzle many people, as women have shown that their job performance is worth equal pay. However, women are not only valuable to the workplace because of their ability to compete with men, but because of the additional qualities they possess that can actually improve the workplace.

Natural Mediators

Women are strong proponents of compromise and excellent listeners. These qualities are important when it comes to resolving a workplace conflict. Men are efficient when it comes to problem solving, usually reaching a quick solution with little communication. While this can be effective for personal problems, solving a conflict between two people typically requires extensive communication and discussion. This is where women come in. Effective listeners with a knack for communication, they tend to take their time to view all sides of the problem and come up with a solution that will work for all parties.

Furthermore, their emotional and caring nature encourages others to open up. In their ability to deliver empathy and tenderness, they evoke trust from those around them, and quickly become go-to people when it comes to workplace crises.

Organized to a T

We’ve heard about (and probably have personal experience with) the fact that women are better multitaskers this men. Research shows that this comes down to the fact that women are better organized. And no, this doesn’t just mean that they’re great to have around when the file cabinets need to be re-alphabetized.

The organizational skills that women possess are valuable when it comes to distributing workload and ensuring employees remain on track. The multitasking abilities that result from this are especially helpful when they find themselves needing to wear different hats. Companies that are short-staffed can rely on women to take on multiple jobs at once and be masterful at all of them.

Patience is a Virtue

Men are driven by testosterone, which makes them more aggressive than women in general. While this can be a helpful trait when it comes to competing in the world of business, it’s not one that makes for a pacifistic workplace. Women tend to be more patient, which means they generally fare better in the customer service industry.

Their ability to withhold their anger/frustration makes them key players when it comes to communicating with clients. Nobody wants to work with somebody who is prone to angry outbursts, and despite the belief that women tend to possess more emotionality than men, this is one emotion that they have a strong grip on.

Perfect Planners

Due to their organizational and multitasking abilities, women are great planners. Whether it’s planning the company Christmas party or planning a new strategy for approaching a client, this makes them a valuable asset to have around. Women are forward-thinkers, and they love to prepare and always have a game plan. This trait also means they can spot crisis before it happens, and will often stop potential problems in their tracks.

Great planning ability, along with the other traits mentioned, allows women to bring symbiosis to the workplace. Under their presence and guidance, not only is a workspace more peaceful, but also more productive.

Published: July 26, 2018

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