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How to Invest Your Company Profits Wisely: 5 Great Tips

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There’s no doubt about what to do with the first dollar your business has ever earned you: it should be saved and framed. But what should you do when you start reeling in consistent profits? If you don’t yet have an answer, you are not alone – this is a dilemma that most entrepreneurs face!

The temptation of rewarding yourself for taking a business off the ground can be great, but what you decide to do with your profits can make or break your company’s success. So, learn how to invest your profits wisely below!

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Boost Personal and Professional Development

Your team is your company’s greatest asset and investing in each talent’s personal and professional development is always a smart financial move.

Creating training courses, promoting industry certifications, and offering opportunities for skills development might seem like a significant cost for a business. However, better-trained employees and more productive teams can improve the performance of your organization as a whole.

Additionally, as the Great Resignation rages on, a robust personal and professional development plan for your employees can help you attract top talent and boost your employee retention rate.

Don’t forget that you are also part of your company’s team – so, don’t underestimate the importance of investing in expanding your own knowledge and skillset.

Grow Your Capital Gains with an Investing Platform

Whether it’s investing in stocks, EFTs, cryptocurrencies, or tangible assets such as gold, investing your business’s cash surplus can be a smart alternative to holding cash in bank accounts.

When it comes down to building additional revenue streams, corporate investing can help you make your profits work harder for you, withdraw more company money in tax-efficient ways, and grow your capital gains.

If this is a financial strategy you wish to pursue, an investing platform like SoFi can be a useful tool to assess your risk tolerance, diversify your portfolio, and find the right investment opportunities for your business goals.

Outsource and Focus on Your Core Competencies

This might be the best time to take your business to the next level – but it can be challenging to do so without the support and expertise of a team of professionals. If your budget doesn’t leave enough room to hire a full in-house team of marketers, IT experts, or HR specialists, outsourcing can be the answer.

Using your business’s profits to hire contractors, agencies, and freelancers is a cost-efficient strategy to surround yourself with talents while keeping your business scalable and agile.

But even more importantly, outsourcing your non-core competencies allows you to focus on what’s important, such as your business’s growth strategy and team development.

Support Continuous Improvement – and Hone Your Competitive Edge

For most entrepreneurs and business owners, there is no question about the fact that a percentage of their profits should be reinvested into the business itself. But what makes a difference is how your profits are reinvested.

Financing major renovation projects or opening a second outlet might be important investments, but it is a continuous improvement framework that helps you maintain and protect your competitive edge.

Continuous improvement refers to frequent – if not constant – efforts to improve every aspect of an organization, from workflows to machinery. This framework places an emphasis on where you invest to keep your business competitive, rather than how much.

So, you can dedicate a smaller percentage of your profits to business improvements but, as long as the investments are in line with your strategy, you’ll see better returns.

Test Out New Strategies and Ideas

In business, it’s not a matter of whether rainy days might come around – but when they will be. That’s why it’s essential to have a robust emergency fund in place and enough cash savings.

At the same time, the secret to a winning investment strategy is all in how balanced it is. That’s why, if you are already sitting on enough cash to help your business through a crisis, it is time to dedicate some of your profits to riskier projects.

From testing out new ideas to investing in emerging technologies, the best time for a business to take minor risks is when it is still growing and agile, ready to pivot towards new possibilities.

The Takeaway

From reinvesting directly in your business to trading stocks on an investing platform, there are endless ways to make your business’s profits work harder for you and your organization. Just make sure to find a strategy that aligns with your goals.

Published: February 28, 2022

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