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How to Plan for the Future of Health Insurance

Ted Jenkin and Kile Lewis are the co-founders of oXYGen Financial, a financial services firm focusing on Generation X and Millennials. For the July 27 Success Saturday event, they met with Fran Tarkenton to discuss the future of health insurance for small business, how to prepare for the Affordable Care Act, and the right mindset for approaching important decisions.

Help Wanted! How to Find a Mentor to Help You Drive Your Business

For the June 29 Success Saturday event, Fran Tarkenton met with Mark Dobosz, President of the SCORE Foundation, at National Small Business Week in Washington, D.C. At an event focused on celebrating entrepreneurs and giving them the best chance to succeed, Fran and Mark discussed…

Death by Growth – How to Manage and Avoid Cash Flow Problems

Every small business owner is looking for opportunities to grow. People are struggling with the question, “How do I grow?” And in a competitive culture, we often assume that growth is an intrinsically good thing—the more growth, the faster it happens, the better!

Endless Referrals – The Go-Giver Way

Every small business owner wants to get more referrals. Referrals are an invaluable source of sustaining growth as well as an affirmation of your value proposition—your customers believe that what you’re doing is worth recommending to others. To go more in-depth on this topic, SmallBizClub.com invited Bob Burg on as the guest for April’s Success Saturday Event to talk about “Endless Referrals.”

Everything Is Marketing

To succeed, every small business owner has to learn how to market his or her products and services. That’s why SmallBizClub.com’s first Success Saturday event was focused on the topic “Everything Is Marketing.”

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