Miles Young

Miles Young is a freelance writer, tech geek and world traveler. He specializes in business, communication and mobile technologies. Follow him @MrMilesYoung on Twitter.


Busted! 8 SEO Myths Exposed

Optimizing for search engines is a process where it takes a short time to realize the importance but a huge investment of time to master. This field has undergone constant changes since it began at the turn of the millennium…

What Your Business Can Learn from 3 Tech Titans

When you think about the latest gadgets, specific companies likely come to mind. It’s not solely because they manufacture all the gaming consoles, smartphones, and other tech-related toys you love, but because these companies are among the most successful tech titans in the world.

How to Implement a Successful, Secure BYOD Program

For some companies, letting employees bring their own devices to work on and connect to their secure network seems like the scariest thing since the Y2K panic. But however worrisome the unknown is, staying on top of technological trends is crucial for companies to keep their security up to date.