Mark Turkel

Mark Turkel is the CEO and Senior Software Architect at Palm Beach Software Design, a software development and consulting company working in software development and implementation of business software systems including analysis, database design, and MIS planning. Palm Beach Software Design specializes in web, mobile, and desktop applications using the latest technologies such as Microsoft .Net, SQL Server, Java, HTML5, JQuery, and more.


Beautiful Fonts for Your Website

When putting together a website, your font choices are just as important as your content. Within the past few years fonts are being made available online for web designers.

Home Automation: We Used to Dream About This Stuff!

We saw these scenes in the Sci-Fi movies from our past. The lights turn on and off when you walk in or out of the kitchen. The hallway lights turns off after you lock the door. It may have sounded futuristic 5 years ago, but not any more.

Do You Really NEED a Mobile App for Your Business?

People reach out to me all the time, wanting to improve the value that they provide to their clients and customers. The latest trend is, “I need to create a phone application.” When do you NEED a mobile application?