Marlo Richardson

Marlo Richardson is known as a dynamic leader, business professional and as someone who has made her mark in many industries. She is a regular disrupter, often carrying the title “First African American Woman” to do something. Marlo has been a Keynote Speaker, business advisor, and is often invited to speak with local business groups and universities . She has owned business franchises, restaurants, a home health care agency, a real estate investment company, insurance agency, retail clothing, travel agency, security company, production company, distribution company, manufacturing company, marketing company and has created several successful brands. Marlo was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2015 to the Contractors’ State License Board, and reappointed in 2016. In 2018 she was unanimously selected to be the Board Chair.


A Restauranteur’s Pandemic Survival Guide

Marlo Richardson, owner of Stage21 Bar and Lounge in Culver City, California, picked an incredible time to start a business. She opened the doors of her sports-centric lounge just as the COVID-19 pandemic was kicking…