Jack Siney

Jack Siney currently serves as the V.P. of Sales & Marketing for SmartProcure, operates two Plato’s Closet franchises, and owns several real estate investments. He began his career as a contract negotiator for the U.S. Navy, and I.T. consultant for the government division of PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has sold a variety of technology solutions to government agencies—resulting in sales of over $100 million. Jack has been cited in numerous media outlets, including: Entrepreneur, MSNBC, & The Palm Beach Post.


How to Target Your Government Sales Activities

So you have decided you want to “get a piece” of the $6 trillion U.S. government agencies are spending each year. Now the more challenging question is: Where should you focus your sales / business-development activities to win some of this business?

Do You Need to Have Access to a Bid/RFP System?

You are a government contractor (or an aspiring government contractor). You have done your research and you know the government agencies you want to target. Now the BIG question is: Should you sign-up for a Bid/Request-for-Proposal (RFP) system?

Becoming a Government Contractor: Where to Start?

Once you realize that your business needs the world’s largest purchaser (U.S. government municipalities) as a customer, the next step is to determine how to become a government contractor. The following is a framework for how to initiate this process.

Why “Government” Needs to be Part of Your Business

In 2012, over 85,000 local, state and federal governmental agencies combined to spend more than $6 trillion—that equates to over $30 billion each workday ($30 BILLION PER DAY). The combined annual spend of these agencies makes governmental agencies in the U.S. the “largest purchaser in the world.”