Deb O'Connor

Deb O'Connor has provided strategic direction to small companies since 1993. She has a passion for helping others find clarity in their business direction. Her educational background includes a Master’s in Business Administration with a self-created focus of entrepreneurship and a bachelor's degree in literature with a minor in psychology. This unique blend of business knowledge, writing expertise, and understanding of human nature create a distinct ability to help small business owners identify and clarify business direction.


Looking for the Light Bulb

Coming up with blog topics can be stressful even for experienced writers, and is especially hard for small business owners who are focused on other tasks. Many are afraid to start blogs because they worry they won’t be able to come up with enough topics. Even experts in their industry who have enough knowledge to write a book sometimes share these fears. Three simple methods can help any blog writer find that light bulb idea that helps them create value-added content for their readers.

You Can Leave Your Hat On, Baby

Small business owners wear many hats. Owner. Salesperson. Bookkeeper. Cashier. Manager. Trainer. Janitor. Marketing. Computer repair. Web designer. Social media manager. Not to mention, of course, the specialty of the business, whether it’s tutoring kids in math, selling jewelry, running fitness classes, or buying and selling homes.