When a customer contacts your company with a problem, what level of support service is being delivered to them? Every successful business needs to ask this question on a frequent, ongoing basis to reach their peak potential. We trust you’ve gathered an amazing team of communicative, friendly employees, who have been thoroughly trained to respond to your clientele’s questions and concerns. So, let’s dig a bit deeper now.

We want you to explore what your company could currently be doing to improve its customer support. In today’s modern world, it’s easy to get left in your competitors’ dust if you’re not constantly evolving and improving as a company. Keep reading to discover our top three methods for providing top-quality support services to your valued clientele.

Around the Clock Support

If your company has the resources to provide 24/7 support, this service could be a lifesaver in revitalizing your relationship with your customers. To earn and maintain a reputation as an upstanding business, your top priority should be to give your customers amazing support—as quickly as possible! Avoid frustration amongst your clientele by sparing them from that pre-recorded “please call back during business hours” message by being there for them any time they need assistance.

Versatile Contact Methods

Your clients are busy, busy people. Why not provide them with versatile customer support options? In an ideal world, a customer is always able to phone your hotline for one-on-one support. However, for the times when they can’t, customer service should be provided over other methods without compromising its quality. Consider adding an online form on your website, which clients can easily fill out and then receive a prompt response. A live chat window is also a welcome addition, especially among the Millennial demographic, who largely prefer texting to phoning.

Gather Feedback

Keep the conversation going even after a customer’s issue is resolved. After a few days, follow up with them to see how they enjoyed the support they received. After all, it’s important for your company’s future growth that you understand how past problems were remedied. Did the customer find your service representative to be clear, communicative, and helpful? Was their issue solved effectively, or did the problem reoccur later? This feedback can be gathered by several means, including emailed surveys or calling the customer directly.

Scott Resnick
Scott Resnick is the President and Owner of Today's Telecommunications Industries, LLC (TTI) in Houston, TX. For the past 39 years, Scott has been instrumental in serving the telecommunications needs of some of Houston's largest and most influential companies. TTI is one of the largest NEC dealers in the United States. Scott is an avid baseball fan, loving father, husband, and a world traveler.