What CRM Can Mean for Small Business

Many small businesses operate as if customer relationship management (CRM) simply means staying on good terms with your customers. Maybe a nice dinner or drinks occasionally. You know better than that.

10 Ways to Bring the SaaS on Social Media

SaaS is all about defining and refining experiences. It is by nature, one part the creation of strategic and valuable technology, and another part...

5 Apps to Make You a Better Business Traveler

Is there anything more exhausting than traveling for work? You have to get up early, battle crowds at the airport, sleep in unusual places. It doesn't stop there. In your free time, you have to be on your A-game networking and making sales.

Discover This New Free Tool to Maximize Your Cash

Cash is king. That’s one of the important lessons Jeff Bezos ­ the wizard of cash flow, has taught the business world over the last decade or...

Tips and Tricks to Power Your Twitter Strategy

We all know that social media giant Twitter can be used by businesses to share content and interact with customers, but what are the best ways to maximize profitability from your Twitter marketing strategy?

4 Apps to Help Stay on Top of Your Small Business Finances

One of the first bumps in the road is managing the finances. It can become very overwhelming very quickly. In today's world of technology however, help is easier than ever to find. Following are mobile apps to help you manage your small business finances.

Is a Software Patent Worth the Time and Effort?

After going through the process of getting a software patent with a well-known California law firm for my initial startup—and finally choosing to drop...

6 Time-Saving Apps to Boost Your Productivity

As a founder of a start up I make every second of each day count. This sounds a bit dramatic but like most passionate people I wake up every day wanting to squeeze the most out of every minute that I'm awake, so I'm always on the look out for anything that makes me more efficient.

How to Come Up with a Killer Idea for an App (And Get it...

Creating a mobile app and selling it through Google Play or iTunes is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make money online, and has incredibly low barriers to entry with a disproportionately large potential pay-off.

Why Cloud Technology?

There’s a good chance you’ve used cloud technology without even realizing it. Understanding cloud technology will help you make an informed decision on whether this rapidly growing field can work for you. This guide presents both the pros and the cons of taking your business into “the cloud.”

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