What is a DDos Attack, and How Can I Protect My Business?

Are you aware of the latest threat to your online business? It goes by the innocuous sounding name of DDoS. As yet, nobody has figured out how to protect society from this new evil. Like car theft, it doesn't affect you every day, but when it does, it causes dramatic (and traumatic) disruption and loss.

What is HeartBleed and Why Your Small Business Should Be Concerned

HeartBleed is not the first nor the last of security bugs that cause havoc on the technology infrastructure of today. However, by adhering to the right security standards and best-practices, your small business can ensure that the impact due to such vulnerabilities are kept at a minimum.

Breached: What to Do When Your Network is Compromised

Sluggish systems, strange pop-up windows, passwords changed mysteriously, programs starting automatically or illicit content on your website are all clues that point to a breach in your network. If you believe this has happened, acting quickly and decisively can help you recover safely from a network attack.

4 Technology Disasters Businesses Should Know How to Avoid

Technology is now an inherent part of almost every company, and that is why a tech mishap can quickly evolve into a disaster. Here are four of the most common catastrophes that take place with businesses and a look at how they can be avoided.

Powerful Snake Virus Infects Ukrainian Computers

Under the Snake virus, hackers gain complete access to infected systems. They can take control of the computers to use for spying or tampering, and the virus can be used as a digital military base by foreign invaders.

Target Attack Linked to Phishing Emails

Various investigations into the Target credit card fiasco continue, and the public is still lacking solid answers. While some facts about the breach are known, other fundamental details have yet to be determined.

EZ Tips to a Perfect Password

The rules governing passwords and what is considered reasonably safe are pretty well understood. However, a survey in 2013 showed that of a random sampling of 1,000 internet users, fully 77% had passwords that could be broken by off-the-shelf software in a matter of minutes.

Do You Have the Power to Protect Your Small Business?

It's not just big businesses that attract hackers and cyber-crime—security breaches are a worrying trend for small businesses. So what can you do to protect your small business against this growing concern and minimize the risk of a data breach?

Tis the Season for Online Scams

As a business owner it is important to understand the threats shoppers face to better protect your company and customer data. While making a list and checking it twice is top of mind for shoppers, cybercriminals too are checking their list, creating scams and malware to fool unsuspecting customers to hand over their personal information.

The Best Business Security Advice

Business security needs are highly specialized, as compared to residential security. As such, securing a commercial facility goes beyond installing fancy gadgets. It requires some common sense and detailed strategy to come up with a comprehensive security plan.

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