5 Quick and Easy Ways to Ramp Up Your Online Security

Let's face it, the reason you started your own business was hardly to wear the hat of system admin and spend your days worrying about the security and impregnability of your online systems, customer data and IP, was it?

How Can I Find the Top Business Security Camera Companies Online?

Many home and business owners find the Internet to be a convenient source of information, especially when they need to find products and services. Here are tips for finding the best business security camera companies online.

Should You Use the Cloud? Talking Security

Every business is trying to save money these days. One obvious solution for doing so is in the cost savings seen by using cloud storage. With the expense of IT professionals, servers, and other internal storage and hosting solutions being far more than that of storing your data in the cloud, many small businesses are turning to this option.

5 Simple Steps to Minimize the Risk of a Cyber-Attack

Every day, it seems another security breach makes headline news. While big companies make the news headlines, the real targets are small businesses just like yours.

Protecting Your Data When Staff Leave

As with any business crisis, if you get a robust plan in place to deal with it before it happens, it can lessen the damage done. The same goes for planning what you need to do to protect company data when a staff member leaves.

Protecting Your Small Business from Cyber Crime

Cyber-crime is on the increase, and according to a recent report carried out by the Ponem Institute, the cost of data breaches to businesses in the US averages $188 per incident. The good news for small business owners is that most breaches can be protected with some simple, fairly inexpensive security precautions.

Your Small Business is in Danger: How to Kick an Identity Stalker to the...

Small companies have the highest risk of identity theft out of any other kind of businesses. There are many areas of vulnerability because of the way most small businesses operate. If you don't want your business and your identity to become part of the 75% of all identity theft crime, here are some security measures you can take.

9 Tips to Keep Your Business Safe on Public WiFi

If you occasionally work in coffee shops for a change of pace, or travel frequently for your small business, you’ve probably connected your laptop or tablet to a public WiFi network. After all, it’s convenient and, in many locations, free. What’s not to like?

Business Alarm System Pricing

There are numerous security alarm companies in the market offering a wide variety of alarm system brands, designs, and devices. As such, there is no standard price;

Don’t Get Hurt by Social Engineering

Defending yourself against social engineering requires some special diligence from the top-down, but it's completely manageable if you're willing to put the work in. Here are three quick tips that every business owner should follow in order to tighten up their security...

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