Why Buy a Franchise Instead of Starting Something Yourself?

If you are reading this, you are thinking of jumping off the treadmill and going it alone. Congratulations! For me, starting a business was the best career decision I ever made. The second best career decision was buying a franchise. Is a franchise right for you, though? That depends.

Things to Consider Before Becoming an Absentee Owner

When you hear the term "absentee owner," a picture of a venture capitalist in a three-piece suit might come to mind, but that isn't always the case.

Buying an Ad vs. PR Efforts to Support Your Franchise

Unless your franchise agreement has a specific clause preventing you from marketing above and beyond your required regulations, you would do well to consider the question of ad purchases versus a public relations effort to boost your bottom line sales.

Home Healthcare Franchises

While young parents are busy working and taking care of their own children, their parents might need extra help with daily activities like making meals, remembering to take medication, or taking care of personal hygiene. Non-medical home health aid and advocate franchises are the solution to this problem.

Understanding a Franchise’s Mission

What is the goal of the franchise you're considering? Some franchises share their mission statement publicly—but that might not mean that you know what their goal is.

How to Franchise a Business

If you have a successful business and have determined that it is "franchise-able," meaning you have evaluated its potential and found that it can in fact be duplicated well and offer beneficial returns as a franchise, these are the next steps to take.

Boosting Your Franchise with the Power of Social Media

The consideration of social media as an effective marketing tool has continued to become one of the strongest factors in representing brands across multiple industry channels. Simply put, social media can no longer be ignored.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Investing in a Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Reasonable investment levels, low employment overhead for self-serve models, low operational costs compared with other food service businesses, and relative ease are just some of the factors that might appeal to a person looking to open a small business with support from a franchisor.

Turning Over the Keys: A Lesson in Managing the Manager

One of the great selling points of a majority of franchise opportunities in the marketplace today is the option to choose a "manage the manager" business model. It's also referred to, in a more highbrow sense, as the "semi-absentee" model.

Niche Positioning in the Franchise Industry

As franchisees grow their business and continuously strive to exceed their customers' expectations, franchisors must provide a very high quality and breadth of franchise support services.

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