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Build a Legacy for Your Family

By: Jania Bailey


If there’s one thing we can always count on, it’s that families will continuously love and protect each other. A parent’s wisdom provides reason and caution through countless decisions and situations. If the idea of hiring your kids or running a family business has been tossed around, stop pitching practices and get in the game.

Around 35 percent of Fortune 500 companies are family-controlled and represent the full spectrum of American companies from small business to major corporations. On top of that, family businesses make up 62 percent of the country’s employment. The dependability, learning experiences, trust, bonding and influence of family values are hard to beat. Your family will have the opportunity to come together while the business offers security and a supportive environment. The workday can evolve into a more comfortable place and, with boundaries that separate the professional from personal, after hours can offer peace of mind and contentment.
The IFA’s Educational Foundation’s research shows that over 900,000 franchised businesses provide 21 million jobs and contribute $2.3 trillion to the U.S. private sector economy. With such a variety, many families turn to franchising to grow their brand without the hassle of gathering significant amounts of capital. Names like Campbell, Ford and even Wal-Mart got its start as family business. They grew to be multi-million dollar companies and left a mighty legacy.
Stop tossing around ideas and get answers! FranNet is waiting to help guide your family to the right business. With 27 years of consulting experience, we’ll help get you closer to your ideal lifestyle. Of the tens of thousands of franchisees that we help get started, about one in four have involved people who wanted to run a family business or hire their children. FranNet has helped around 100 family businesses get off the ground every year.
Entering into a family-run franchise takes some planning. And even if you can address the basic concerns, there are some issues you probably haven’t even considered. Call about a free consultation with a qualified and experienced franchise consultant. Make arrangements to speak with one of our representatives today!
This article was originally published by FranNet
Published: May 14, 2015

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Jania Bailey

Jania Bailey is president/COO of FranNet, North America’s most well-respected franchise consulting firm. Bailey sits on the board of directors for the International Franchise Association (IFA) and is a certified franchise expert. Her background includes over 25 years experience in the banking and franchise industries.  Bailey also authored the book, “Thriving – The Journey to Success in the Business World.” 

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