Why Your Company Needs a Buy-Sell Agreement

Think about a buy-sell agreement as what you need in the event you want to buy out a partner or co-owner. Also, what will happen if a person who is part of the business heads off to what they think are greener pastures?

What to Do if Your Employee is Convicted of a Crime

Having an employee who is convicted of a crime affects your business adversely, regardless of the circumstances. If the employee has committed a crime...

6 Important Things to Consider When Preparing a Will

At some point we all come to the reality that we will not live forever. This rude awakening usually comes just in time for many...

Controlling Legal Costs

As a small business owner, you want to be as efficient as possible with your money. Legal costs are an important part of that equation. You can prevent your legal costs from becoming a big problem with a few basic controls.

5 Startup Legal Shortcuts That Can Be Expensive

Although every startup is unique, there are certain common avoidable mistakes that can lead to legal complications that jeopardize the long-term success of the business. I'm not suggesting that every startup needs a lawyer, but you should definitely pay attention, and not be afraid to consult legal counsel if any of these raise qualms for you.

After LLC Formation, What’s the Next Step?

After you form a limited liability company, the first thing you should do is draft an operating agreement. And if you've already formed a limited liability company or you've already formed any kind of entity, you want to draft the equivalent of an operating agreement, as an internal document among co-owners.

When Does Your Startup Need a Legal Department?

After years of working with different law firms on a variety of business matters, it was time to stop and ask myself: Just how...

EEOC Reports Updated Sexual Harassment Prevention Strategies for the Workplace

In June of this year, the EEOC published a report which concluded that sexual harassment prevention efforts in the workplace are failing and need...

Don’t Neglect These Trademark Basics to Protect Your Product

When it comes to intellectual property, protection is more than just in a name. Trademarks are anything that can indicate to consumers that a...

When Do You Need a Company Lawyer?

Whether you're just starting out or you've been up and running for a while, now's the time to consider having a go-to lawyer for your business. When you actually need an attorney in live-time, you'll lose valuable time sharing your books, ideas, questions, and issues.

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