The Legal Side of Your Website

Understanding what information your website needs to legally provide for visitors is important for website administrators and business owners. Failing to offer the necessary information to customers and site visitors can put your organization in a legal bind.

Intellectual Property Awareness

What happens if you’re trying to do business on a national or global level?  One thing is certain. You’re going to have intellectual property issues to deal with. And you may not even realize that these issues exist. Here are a few things to think about in determining whether you need outside help.

7 Simple Steps You Can Use to Stop Workers’ Comp Fraud

All businesses have a fair share of formal and informal procedures and processes to ensure efficiency in dealing with customers and effectiveness of operating...

5 Ways to Reduce Your Company’s Legal Fees

Whether you just need help drawing up policies to help reduce liability, setting up plans for how to handle any potential litigation, or determining...

What Are Disparate Impact and Disparate Treatment?

Perhaps the most common type of discrimination claim that employers face is disparate treatment. Disparate impact and disparate treatment are two legal theories of discrimination, and it's critically important that you protect yourself and your business from these kinds of actions.

Don’t Neglect These Trademark Basics to Protect Your Product

When it comes to intellectual property, protection is more than just in a name. Trademarks are anything that can indicate to consumers that a...

6 Essential Steps to a Successful Workplace Investigation

At some point, complaints or internal problems will arise in the workplace. Many HR, compliance and business professionals don’t receive targeted training on how...

7 Ways to Avoid Legal Mistakes Commonly Made by Entrepreneurs

Even if you have an amazing and brilliant business idea, and even if you have solid financial backing, a small legal mistake can sink your entrepreneurial ambitions and dreams quickly and permanently.

5 Startup Legal Shortcuts That Can Be Expensive

Although every startup is unique, there are certain common avoidable mistakes that can lead to legal complications that jeopardize the long-term success of the business. I'm not suggesting that every startup needs a lawyer, but you should definitely pay attention, and not be afraid to consult legal counsel if any of these raise qualms for you.

5 Easy-to-Make Mistakes That Can Sink Your Business

It is an unfortunate fact that many businesses fail within the first few years. While it may be a combination of reasons, such as...

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