Protecting Your Startup’s Intellectual Property

An oft-neglected part of running a startup involves the products unique to your brand. What can you do to make sure your intellectual property...

How to Know When You Need a Contract

Do you sometimes lie awake at night wondering what will happen if your biggest customer doesn't pay you? How about if the vendor handling your website upgrade takes off with your thousand-dollar down payment? These scenarios would be a nightmare for any bootstrapping entrepreneur—and they happen all the time.

EEOC Reports Updated Sexual Harassment Prevention Strategies for the Workplace

In June of this year, the EEOC published a report which concluded that sexual harassment prevention efforts in the workplace are failing and need...

Preventing Workplace Harassment in Small Business Settings

Workplace harassment is far more than annoying; it can be illegal and costly. An environment with aggressive behavior, repeated humiliation, or offensive remarks will result in low employee morale, decreased productivity, and high employee turnover.

4 Ways the ACA is Helping Small Businesses

It goes without saying that the ACA (aka Obamacare) has taken a lot of heat. Politics aside, here's four ways Obamacare is actually helping small businesses.

Protect The Financial Health of Your Small Business with These Vital Documents

As an entrepreneur, you have a wide range of responsibilities and tasks to look after on a daily basis, from product or service development...

How to Buy Out a Partner

When a small business starts out, multiple individuals will sometimes partner together or the original founder will bring in a third party to help establish the brand while it's in its infancy.

Critical Info to Know About Minimum Wage Law in Your Area

As a small business owner, it's important to pay your employees at or above the legal minimum wage. As you probably know, the minimum wage is the lowest hourly rate that you as an employer can pay your employees.

How to Protect Your Business from a Legal Fallout

In today’s day and age, it seems like there’s nothing easier than suing any business that’s committed even the mildest of gaffes. Business owners...

5 Easy-to-Make Mistakes That Can Sink Your Business

It is an unfortunate fact that many businesses fail within the first few years. While it may be a combination of reasons, such as...

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