Where to Find the Most Angels to Fund Your Startup

Angels invest in people, more often than they invest in ideas. That means they need to know you, or someone they trust who does know you.

Shortcuts to Entrepreneur Funding Are Usually Scams

Some aspiring entrepreneurs are so desperate for funding, or naïve, that they ignore the obvious signs of scams and rip-offs on the Internet, praying for a windfall. One would think that with all the sad stories and tools published over the past twenty years, this problem would be behind us.

What Do You Give Up When Taking Outside Investors?

Taking in angel or venture money requires a setting of an entrepreneur’s expectations that may come as a shock at least at first. From the...

8 Questions to Help Set Expectations with Investors

One of the big questions that every entrepreneur struggles with is how much funding they should request from investors in the first round.

10 Reasons Angel Investors Don’t Like Your Plan

Once again, for the eighth year in a row, I’m involved as an angel investor with the Willamette Angel Conference and screening investments. We’ll announce...

How to Do Due Diligence on Investors

This is my Quora answer to “How do I perform due diligence on investors?” Choose an Investor Like You Would a Spouse I’m so glad you...

Size Up Your Investors Before Accepting Their Money

Even though the color of their money is always green, all startup investors are not the same. Struggling entrepreneurs are often so happy to get a funding offer that they neglect the recommended reverse due diligence on the investors.

Boy! If I Had Only Learned This Before Spending a Million!

Know your market and competition, or don’t spend a dime on anything else. I love absolutes—statements with no wiggle room for gray-area responses. Well, here...

Elevator Speech Part 3: What You Offer

So you’re rounding the corner now on the elevator speech, which I say is something all business owners should be able to do. You’ve...

How Do I Make a Good Pitch Deck for Investors?

Don't confuse the two: A pitch to be read must be very different from a pitch that supports a live presentation with you talking. Different media, different styles.

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