Avoid the Race to Zero

When do you sell your company? Obviously we all want to sell at the top. And there is the problem. How do you know...

Raise Money on Good News

The first rule for raising money is to do it on good news—right when sales are increasing at an increasing rate. Or when a major...

6 Mistakes That Kill Kickstarter Campaigns, and How to Avoid Them

Kickstarter is filled with overnight success stories—from Pebble to Ouya—who turned brilliant ideas into millions of dollars and national exposure. It's easy to attribute their success to amazing products, the rise of crowdfunding, and a magic dose of virality.

Premature Scaling Kills Businesses

Venture capitalists sometimes make an error in directing their portfolio company CEOs to push resources to the limit and scale the business to immense size quickly, all to seize market share.

How to Find a Venture Capital Firm Aligned with Your Values

You've got the ideas. You've got the plan. You've even got a potential staff. What you don't have is the money. Pairing with a venture capital firm can be promising but precarious.

10 Entrepreneur Milestones That Make Funding Easy

Every investor expects to see some business traction, both before and after a funding event. If you have been working 20 hours a day, and spent your last dollar, but have no results to show, investors will be sympathetic, but will probably tell you that your dream doesn't have wheels. Traction means forward progress.

Prepping for an Investor Pitch? Don’t Get Blinded by Tunnel Vision

Don’t let your drive steer you down a dead end. For a startup founder, enthusiasm is a necessary piece of the personality puzzle. You took...

8 Tips on How Much Money to Ask for from Investors

Startups ask me "How much money should I ask for?" The simple answer is the absolute minimum amount you need to make your plan work.

10 Things Angel Investors Ask About Startups

Recently the angel investment group I’m a member of (Willamette Angel Conference) finished our eighth year of choosing a startup to invest in. Our investment...

Turn the Table: What’s an Angel Look Like?

Angel investors, particularly those in organized angel groups, are typically former entrepreneurs who have had successful liquidity events in their pasts, or executives of companies who've retired with the funds from their stock options.

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