Businesses Should Prepare for Internet Tax Law

The U.S. Senate has passed the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013, and it is currently under consideration in the House of Representatives. Most analysts feel confident that some version of the law will pass although it isn't yet clear what changes might be made.

Is Your Small Business Getting Taxed by High Costs?

As a small business owner, would you like to be certain that at the very least you are not paying more tax than necessary, and that you're making all the tax savings you can? Read on for top tips on how to lower your small business taxes for the next tax season.

How to Manage and Pay Tipped Employees in Restaurants

In the restaurant industry, tips are more than something you’d associate with a homespun tip jar by the cash register—they’re a primary source of...

Sell or Trade a Business Vehicle?

From time to time business owners will replace vehicles used in their business. When replacing a business vehicle, the tax ramifications are different when...

When is Tax Form 1099-MISC Due to Contractors?

Everyone needs a little help now and then. If these people are not your employees, they are contractors and need to be given a 1099-MISC.

What Types of Business Entertainment Events are Deductible?

The good news is that Uncle Sam and the IRS allow small business owners to deduct 50% of meals and entertainment events in which they partake. But some type of business must be conducted before, during, or after these events in order to qualify for this popular – yet often improperly claimed – tax write-off.

5 End-of-Year Tax Tips to Cut Your Taxes Before 2015

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season upon us, it's easy to get caught up in buying turkeys and finding stocking stuffers for the grandkids. However, it's also a great time to start thinking about reducing your taxes and planning for April 15th.

6 Tax Tips for New Small Business Owners

Did you just start your own lawn service or construction company? Launching a business is one of the most exciting things you can do,...

Home Office Deduction Changes for 2013

If you use your home for business, there are expenses you can deduct on your tax return. The home office deduction is available to both home owners & renters alike. The home must be used by a self-employed individual or an employee who works from home for his employer's convenience.

Business Plan Financials: Cash vs. Accrual Bookkeeping

I hate the buzzwords and general environment related to accounting and financial terms. No wonder business owners shy away from it. “Accrual accounting” sounds...

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