3 Surprising Ways a Government Shutdown Hurts Small Business

At first glance, it might seem that the government shutdown will affect only those small businesses that sell products or services to the federal government or one of its agencies. According to Gary Milkwick, CPA and Vice President at 1800Accountant, there are three surprising ways the government shutdown is likely to affect small businesses.

Financial Statements for Small Businesses

Your financial statements offer many benefits to your business. Practically speaking, they help you file your tax returns, find additional funding, or draw in buyers and investors. But they also help you run your business by translating your decisions into dollars and cents.

What to Expect with Your Taxes in 2018

Now that sweeping new tax legislation has been enacted by Congress and signed into law by the President, tax experts are taking a closer...

Vehicle Tax Deduction for Small Businesses

Whether you’re self-employed or run a small business, chances are you use a car to get from point A to point B. Luckily, during...

R is for Recapture

R is for recapture. Recapture is a term that comes into play in a variety of circumstances, but it means the taxpayer is picking up income or tax, which is always a bad thing. Recapture is most commonly applied to depreciation.

A Recipe for Tax Savings: Deductions for Caterers

Do you make amazing lasagna? Can you craft a tasty chicken pot pie? Whatever you specialize in when it comes to culinary creations, there’s...

What to Consider If You Work from a Home Office

If you work from home, you may be wondering whether you can deduct your office space from your federal tax returns. The short answer...

Do You Owe the IRS a Quarterly Tax Payment August 15?

This weekend, more than a few small business owners will be scrambling to pull together the documents and information they need to meet the IRS deadline that's coming up in just six days. Yes, there's a tax deadline for quarterly taxes due to most states and the IRS on August 15.

2014 Tax Changes Small Business Owners Should Know About

While we can be certain that we'll face taxes from time to time, that doesn't mean that the rules will stay the same from year to year.Let's take a look at a few of the changes that you may see when you do taxes this year.

Good Accounting Habits for Small Business Owners

The biggest headache for small business owners is getting and staying organized. If running your own business sucks up your day, being successful is going to be that much harder for you.

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