5 Reasons to Be an Early Bird Tax Filer in 2015

Being early has numerous benefits when it comes to a variety of activities. The same can be said when it's time to prepare and file your taxes with the IRS.

Cut Your Taxes Using Your Excess Inventory

Excess, nonmoving inventory is a common business problem that, fortunately, also contains its own solution. By donating that new, idle merchandise to charity, your business can earn a federal income tax deduction.

States Turn to Technology to Narrow the Tax Gap

Each year, the IRS and states alike, estimate the difference between taxes owed and taxes collected. This difference, known as the "tax gap," has been steadily growing at both the federal and state level over the past several years.

3 Small Business Financial Statements You Need to Know

When it comes to financial statements for business management, small business owners tend to fall into one of three categories: Small business owners who...

Start Now to Save on Small Business Tax Preparation for 2014

Although it seems that tax season just ended, it is important to prepare for the future. Tax preparation is something every business owner should constantly keep in mind, and the 2014 tax season will approach quickly.

Small Business Tax Deadlines and Tips: November and December

As October comes to a close this week, it's time to take a look ahead at the tax deadlines for the remainder of 2013.

When Should I Book Revenues?

It’s the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Small Business owners have some discretion as to when they book revenues...

Good Accounting is so Important

Great accounting is so important for each and every business, but too many are lacking in this area. Most use standard income statements and balance sheets, but there is so much more information business owners need that is not available in these basic financial statements.

Mixing Business Trips with Vacation

If you thought your business trips can be expensive, you need to think again. If you plan and strategize, the government can subsidize your trip so that your trip expenses are minimal. The idea is to combine your business travel with vacation time and document the time spent on business.

2017 Year-End Tax Savings Tips Not to Overlook

With the possibility that tax law changes could go into effect next year that would significantly reduce income tax rates for many businesses, 2017...

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