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Zendesk vs HubSpot: The Ultimate Standoff

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Ways a CRM Can Supplement Your B2B Marketing

Improving your marketing and sales force performance is always a priority goal. So, our experts decided to compare two of the best CRMs in the market: Zendesk vs HubSpot, to evaluate the features of each software application and choose the best one for your organization.

Zendesk vs HubSpot: Overview

Although both software applications aim to improve the company’s performance, some key differences set them apart. These differences will help you choose the best one for your organization according to its size and primary goals.


Zendesk is a scalable solution with flexible plans for small, medium, and large businesses, focusing on improving sales and customer service teams. In addition, it’s a budget-friendly option since users can customize the features according to the company’s size and industry.

Users appreciate the user-friendly interface of Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Service, and both offer an open API for better customization. However, larger organizations need to find it more attractive due to its limitations.

Pros of Zendesk

  • Customizable platform with open API.
  • Useful features for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Various pricing plans.
  • Excellent security and reporting features.
  • Lots of team management options.

Cons of Zendesk

  • Needs some organization tools.
  • Some security support features like SLA aren’t available for the cheapest plan.
  • It doesn’t offer some features that larger organizations would find essential.

HubSpot Service Hub

Given its price, HubSpot Service Hub is mainly designed to cater to the needs of larger enterprises. Yet, it has a free starter plan, making it a good option for small businesses with some excess cash to spend. At the same time, it has a clean and user-friendly interface.

But the most significant advantage of HubSpot Service Hub is that it’s compatible with several cool integration features. It integrates marketing, sales, and customer care services to create a comprehensive help desk for larger enterprises. However, it’s still considered more expensive than most of its competitors on the market.

Pros of HubSpot Service Hub

  • Free start plan.
  • More features and options.
  • More scalable for larger enterprises.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Integrates with compatible marketing, sales, and customer support tools.

Cons of HubSpot Service Hub

  • Less customization.
  • More expensive than its competitors.
  • It has limited file storage and customer support.

Pricing Plans

Buying a platform subscription is an investment that will help any company achieve a competitive advantage. However, since the prices of Zendesk and HubSpot Service Hub vary significantly, the company’s management should do some research before deciding on the right platform.

Zendesk’s pricing model isn’t that straightforward. Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Service are two different tools, each with three pricing plans. The pricing starts at $19 per agent per month and reaches $99 per agent per month for the Professional and Enterprise plans.

As for Zendesk Suite, which specializes in customer support, there are four different pricing plans. The plans start at $49 per user per month for the Team plan and reach $150 per user per month for the Enterprise plan.

The company’s management would have to weigh the options of 10 different plans to choose the most suitable one.

HubSpot Service Hub isn’t less complicated when it comes to its pricing model. There are three hubs in HubSpot; the marketing, sales, and service tool. Each one of them has three different pricing plans.

The service and sales tool offer a start plan of $22.50 per user per month, while the Professional plan costs $90 per user per month, and the most expensive plan is the Enterprise plan. This one costs $140 per user per month.

The marketing tool is even more expensive. The starter plan costs $45, and the Professional plan costs $800 per month. Yet, the Enterprise plan is the most expensive option with the most advanced features, costing $3600 per month.Which Best Pricing Model Is Better?

HubSpot Service Hub is definitely the winner if you’re looking for a comprehensive customer service tool. It has a free plan that small businesses can use if they’re on a tight budget.

All pricing plans of Zendesk have no free versions, but the app offers a free trial. Users can test the ticketing tool and experience all its features before paying for it.

Which Features Are the Best?

This is another arena where HubSpot is the winner. It has more marketing and communication features, which makes sense, given the tool’s price. Unfortunately, Zendesk doesn’t offer these marketing features, so even if you buy this tool, you’ll have to buy a separate marketing tool.

Regarding sales and customer service features, HubSpot is still a winner, although Zendesk isn’t bad. If you have a small company or work according to a limited budget, Zendesk will be a better option.

Zendesk is better regarding ticketing features. So, it’s a better choice for customer service teams. So, it might be a better tool for you if this is your primary concern.

Which Interface Is the Best?

Zendesk wins with an intuitive and customizable help desk software. In addition, it’s one of the most accessible tools to use that even beginner users can figure out quickly.

HubSpot Service Hub, on the other hand, is designed to cater to the needs of larger businesses, and the interface is more complicated. Nevertheless, the free plan is simpler and easier to use because it lacks some advanced features.

Which Tool Is the Best for Sales?

Zendesk Sell wins over HubSpot Sales, mainly because they offer similar services, but HubSpot costs a lot more. However, Zendesk doesn’t provide any features that facilitate lead capture, yet you get advanced reporting and lead-scoring tools.

Moreover, Zendesk’s security features are better, which is essential to sales transactions, for example, IP restriction and single sign-on features that make sales transactions better and safer.

Which One Is the Best for Marketing?

HubSpot is a better option, even if you’re using the free plan. It offers many essential features like content, email, and other paid marketing features for free, in addition to several valuable integrations. Zendesk has no marketing tools, so it doesn’t compare.


Although Zendesk and HubSpot are excellent tools for various companies, HubSpot is a better option for marketing, while Zendesk Sell is a better tool for sales.

In addition, there’s a big difference in the pricing model, making Zendesk a better option for small and medium-sized companies. On the other hand, HubSpot offers a free plan that allows small businesses to experience the features without paying anything.

Published: February 16, 2023

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