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10 Ways a Memorable Phone Number Can Grow Your Business

By: Ellen Sluder


Ways a Memorable Phone Number Can Grow Your Business

In the digital era, many entrepreneurs erroneously believe that voice connection is dead.  But research shows that 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone, nearly 3x the rate of those who prefer filling in an online form. And phone calls convert to revenue at 10-15x the rate of web leads.

So why do business owners often leave voice out of the mix? Usually because they simply don’t think about it. With digital marketing being a moving target and, frankly, a black box at times, there are massive amounts of articles about the latest software and tactics needed to reconfigure your digital experience to whatever the new standard is.

Phone calls don’t change a lot, so they don’t garner as much media attention. It’s a tried and true method; there isn’t a lot of breaking news to share. Because of that, the most important message about voice connection can get lost: that it works.

Connecting with consumers voice-to-voice is one of the top ways to accelerate the growth of your business. You can increase inbound phone calls is by using a memorable phone number in all of your marketing materials. Whether you use a vanity number that spells a word or an easy dial pattern, a custom phone number is the secret weapon savvy business owners use to boost sales.

Here are 10 ways a personalized phone number can help you grow:

  1. Increases marketing response rates. When consumers can recall your contact information with ease, they are more likely to use it. Especially if you use out-of-home advertising like signage, radio ads or billboards, your prospects can easily contact you on the spot, on the go. You should use all of your resources to secure a positive return on your advertising spend, and a vanity phone number helps you maximize your marketing.
  2. Turns all materials into advertisements. A vanity phone number is both a branding element and a call-to-action. When you put it on your vehicles, apparel, and storefront, it turns everything into a moving billboard.
  3. Creates consistency. Brand familiarity breeds favorability. The more someone is exposed to your brand message and connects it back to your company, the faster your reputation will grow. Using a memorable phone number creates an automatic connection across all media on- and offline, amplifying your message.
  4. Makes you stand out from competitors. You need to use every tool at your disposal to differentiate yourself and rise above the competition. A vanity phone number gives your brand a boost in personality, makes it more noticeable and memorable, making you the clear superior choice among providers.
  5. Empowers referrals. The best salespeople around are your customers. An easy-to-convey phone number enables them to quickly connect their friends and family by not requiring them to lookup your contact information.
  6. Starts conversations. Vanity phone numbers are fun and often spark inquiries as to where you got it and why you chose it. Any opportunity to tell your brand story, be authentic, and engage in relationship building will strengthen your business.
  7. Attracts attention of partners. No business is successful completely on its own. Partnerships accelerate growth and help you reach new audiences with added credibility. Stand out to potential partners by adding an extra edge to your branding and marketing.
  8. Keeps prospects off the web. If a prospect sees your ad, but can’t remember the spelling of your web address, they are probably going to Google you—which will turn up competitive options among the results. If a competitor has a catchier lead in or is higher in the rankings, you may lose out. A vanity phone number is easy to remember and encourages prospects to reach out directly, keeping them out of the path of competitors’ marketing.
  9. Creates a great visual. A custom phone number acts similarly to a logo. It both conveys information and also draws the viewer’s eye like a graphic design element. Furthermore, it’s a great way to save space in an advertisement, sending a branded message within a call-to-action.
  10. Affordable marketing asset. Unlike a lot of marketing spend where you are paying for a service or an ad for a period of time, a vanity phone number is an asset that you can own and use again and again, across all channels. It’s extremely inexpensive compared to other marketing assets. For example, the average sale price for a local vanity number is less than $300 at RingBoost. Plus, when it’s added to any existing collateral, a custom number improves effectiveness. It’s easy to see an ROI with a memorable phone number.

Connecting with your customers in an authentic manner is the best way to build relationships and grow brand loyalty. There is nothing better than connecting human-to-human, rather than hiding behind a keyboard. Using a custom phone number invites your audiences to reach out to you. It sends the signal that you want to be available to them, which creates a positive brand impression that will, in turn, strengthen your business growth.

Published: May 17, 2019

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Ellen Sluder is the VP of Marketing for RingBoost, the nation’s largest marketplace for custom phone numbers. In this role, she oversees all brand building, marketing outreach, and lead generation activities for RingBoost including setting strategy and managing implementation. Prior to joining RingBoost, Ellen worked as a consultant and in brand, marketing, and sales roles in a wide variety of industries including business services, aviation, healthcare, software, technology, education, data science, and non-profits. She has Bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

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