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Keep Your Business Tech Safe Against These Smartphone Myths

By: Brian Wallace


Keep Your Business Tech Safe

Nearly all American adults own a cellphone, so it’s likely your smartphone is your sidekick in a lot of mobile business you tend to: conference calls, emailing, and more. Smartphones come in a wide variety, but all share the commonality of expense, often costing over $1,000. Besides, there’s nothing like the attachment you grow for your long-term device. It is your sidekick, after all. It’s important to keep your device in good health to ensure its longevity. This way, you can avoid frequent upgrades, device swaps, and every trouble or expense coming along with.

Taking the time to become acquainted with the operation of new technology is a process, and can easily distract from work. Additionally, getting a new device comes with transferring data from your old, which poses the risk of losing important information. Overall, exposing your valuable device to dangerous smartphone hacks can inflict more harm than you intend. For example, burying your Blackberry in a bag of rice, hoping it will perform CPR after you’ve spilled your morning cup of Joe on it. Let’s discuss how to treat your sidekick to ensure it’ll keep fighting.

Let’s begin with charging.

Try your best to avoid using cheaper, knock-off cables for ole’ reliable. Bad cables can damage the chip that protects your phone from overcharging, triggering long-lasting battery problems. When shopping for spare or replacement cables, keep your eyes peeled for labeling. For USB-C, look for cables labeled “Certified USB charged,” and “Made for iPhone” for iOS devices.

Additionally, refrain from overnight charging. Each time your battery hits 99%, a little trickle of power will bump it back up. This can increase your phone’s temperature and cause damage. If you frequently leave your phone on its cable before bed, consider a WiFi smart plug for safe overnight charging.

On the other hand, your device may have sensitive business information you would prefer untracked. The urban legend Hollywood passes on that removing your SIM card will prevent tracking is false. Remember: if your phone still has power in the battery (whether it is on or off), it can be tracked. To prevent tracking, manually turn on airplane mode, manually disable GPS signal, shut down your phone, and remove your battery.

You’ll also be thrilled to know your conference calls and frequent email checking contribute to your phone being dirtier than the office toilet seat you layer with toilet paper. Americans check their phones 52x per day, spreading various germs through every touch. In fact, cell phones carry 10x more bacteria than toilet seats. Be sure to wipe your phone down with alcohol wipes—this will not compromise or damage your delicate tech.

There are more instances of the aforementioned that can contribute to the degradation of your device, ultimately stalling business. Read more to continue debunked smartphone legends that can improve the quality and lifespan of your device.

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Smartphone Myths and Some that Turned out to be True [infographic]

Published: December 19, 2019

Source: UBreakIFix

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