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Embracing Cloud Security [Infographic]

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We’ve all heard about recent data breaches of the cloud in the news. If you’re considering using the cloud for your business, this recent news may be causing you to shy away. There are security solutions for the cloud, and they are effective and easy to use.

Using the cloud for your business gives you greater flexibility and can save you a lot on operating costs. The cloud makes it easy for your employees to access their files from anywhere, any time. This means if they are stuck at home due to weather or if they have a sick child and can’t make it into the office, they can still work. This keeps your company moving and saves your employees’ vacation and sick days.
If you use the cloud for your business, you won’t need to buy all that expensive equipment. It’s big and bulky, requires staff to maintain it, and it takes up space and drives up your cooling bill. As soon as you buy it, it begins to depreciate in value. If you use the cloud, there’s no need for any of that. All you need is an internet connection.
Now there’s the issue of security. The cloud is already fairly secure, but recent data breaches have exposed vulnerabilities. There are options for security. Cloud access security brokerage software can effectively manage your company’s cloud access in many different ways.
Cloud access security brokerage tools can encrypt your company’s sensitive data so if there is a breach, the data will be useless. CASBs can control the traffic into the cloud, only giving access to those who have the clearance. They can protect data on employees’ devices in case of theft. They can track all access points of data and keep a record in case something goes wrong.
The most important thing about cloud access security brokerage tools is ease of use. If they aren’t used properly every single time, they won’t be as effective. It’s important to choose cloud access security brokerage tools that your employees can use easily without fail every single time or you run the risk of having them discover a way around your control measures. This can open up your company’s sensitive data to possible threats.
Some CASBs are better suited to end-user needs than others. Learn how cloud access security brokerage tools can effectively protect your company’s sensitive data stored on the cloud from this infographic.
Cloud Access Security Brokers
Source: BitGlass
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Published: October 30, 2014

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