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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Security System Work Better for You

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Simple Ways to Make Your Security System Work

If you’re like most small business owners, you may not give your company’s security much thought. What with the day-to-day challenges of running a business, it’s easy to go years without reevaluating your security setup.

But it’s worth taking the time to assess your current security system, because the security industry has witnessed rapid innovation in just the past few years. New security threats in the digital space require enhanced security on that front, while the options available to small business owners today greatly enhance the functionality of your system without breaking the budget. So put a few minutes aside and investigate these five simple ways to put your security system to better use.

Secure your internet connection.

Whether wired or wireless, virtually all modern security systems operate over an internet connection. Thus, it’s essential to secure your internet connection or risk hacking from malicious actors. To get started, take the following steps:

  • Change the name of your Wi-Fi network (otherwise known as its SSID) to make it harder for potential hackers to identify the type of router you’re using
  • Utilize a strong password for your network and update it on a regular basis
  • Install all software updates on your router as soon as they become available, as these will offer the greatest protection against hackers
  • Encrypt your entire network for seriously enhanced security

Upgrade your sensors.

If your security system does little else than trigger an alarm when somebody tries to break through your business’ front door, it’s high time you got more bang for your buck. Today’s systems can do everything from identify familiar and unfamiliar faces to detect glass breaks from nearly 10 yards away and provide accurate motion sensor monitoring around all doors and windows. If you haven’t checked out the full range of available security sensors for a few years, you’re bound to find features that will greatly refine your system’s capabilities.

Make it smart.

You may be aware that smart homes are increasingly common—in fact, a new study suggests nearly 75 million U.S. homes will have smart security equipment as early as 2021. What gets less attention is that this technology can be just as useful to businesses looking to beef up their security. That’s because smart systems allow you to connect multiple security devices and control them from a central device, thereby streamlining the monitoring of security controls. This, in turn, makes it more likely that said controls will actually be used. Smart features are more affordable than ever before, so now is a great time to upgrade your system.

Consider remote monitoring.

One of the most common features of smart security systems is remote monitoring, which (as you might expect) allows users to monitor their security devices from anywhere. That can supply business owners with significantly greater peace of mind, because it enables you to monitor the wellbeing of your business even when you’re not physically on the premises. Remote features don’t stop at monitoring—many of them also enable users to control various aspects of the system from afar.

Utilize environmental monitoring.

Today’s business security systems aren’t limited to break-in alarms. They can also alert business owners to a wide range of environmental issues on their property, from smoke and heat to air quality, carbon monoxide, flood, furnace malfunctions, leaks, and so on. These functionalities expand the concept of what it is to keep a business “safe”. After all, burglary protection won’t do you much good if your building is on fire. That’s why environmental monitoring can greatly enhance the range of functions offered by your security system.

These strategies may require an initial investment. But business owners who can afford the preceding security upgrades will find that their investment pays off in greater security and peace of mind.

AuthorKenny Kline is a serial entrepreneur. His ventures are primarily focused on media and digital marketing. When not in front of his computer, he can be found beekeeping, knitting, and being as Brooklyn as humanly possible. Follow @ThisBeKenny on Twitter.

Published: October 10, 2017

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