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Here’s Why Your Small Business Needs a Proxy

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Having a good idea, even a great one, is certainly not enough to start and run a business. You need to consider many aspects before you start your first steps and while developing your company. 

The first of those aspects are security and marketing. They seem a little different, but in fact, they are closely connected. As everything works on and around the Internet, it’s difficult to imagine something that would not be dependent on it. This is where proxies come into play.

No matter where your small business is in the world, security and proxy needs are always the same. But since servers are located in many different countries, it’s important to know where your proxy server is coming from to make it most effective. For example, if you’re a small business in India, you’ll want to find Indian proxies.

So, where to find Indian proxies and how to use them in the context of small business?

First, what is a proxy?

A proxy is a service that provides you with servers located in different places in the world. You can use one server or benefit from several, but the main point is that they serve as a shield and a filter that protects your data from being used against you. If to visualize the work through a proxy server, you will get the following order:

  1. You browse something with your device – you send a request.
  2. This request, containing the information about your location, device, and network, goes to the proxy server.
  3. The proxy you use changes the request depending on the service you signed for. For example, if your proxy denies access to some hosts, your request will be rejected, so you get no result from the search. If your service suggests dealing with security issues, your request will be passed along with changed info. 
  4. Finally, the web server gets your request and sends the required information. 

Thus, you can protect your data and use the benefits of extended access to some resources.

How can you use it?

What touches upon the small business development, there are many issues to handle. They relate to hiring new employees, developing marketing campaigns, collecting information, etc. To be more specific, you can use proxy servers for:

  • Collecting information – it sounds pretty general, but it includes many points you may need during your work. Market research, for example, requires visiting your competitors’ and others’ websites to understand what offers and pricing policies they have. But if they notice some suspicious activity, it can cause a problem sooner or later. That is why it is safer to visit their pages through proxy servers that change your IP addresses. 
  • Monitoring your systems to work properly – for example, location-based advertising – you can hardly check if they work well without a proxy. Trying to check it just with your devices would be extremely difficult and wasteful. It is also truthful for testing if your web page is available for users from different locations on the globe. 
  • Providing safe connections for your remote employees – hiring specialists at a distance may be an advantageous strategy when running a business at the beginning of its development. But working in this manner, you risk your data being intercepted. To prevent this, using a proxy server can serve you well as it keeps your information (at least in part) encrypted.
  • Keeping in touch with your audience – every customer is precious at the beginning of your way and further. So to provide high-quality support services and community functioning, you may need to create numerous social media accounts. But if you use the same IP address for this purpose, the host considers this behavior suspicious. So you can be blocked for some period or forever. It is better to use proxies and continue working calmly to avoid such obstacles.

These are only examples of how you can use the benefits of proxy servers for your work and small business development. But the more you use them, the more advantages you discover. The soax.com service offers plans for various budgets so you can find a solution appropriate for you with no hassle. 

Benefits for small business

Regarding the uses we mentioned above, you can reveal the following benefits for small businesses:

  • safe investigations and data collecting;
  • easy marketing campaign development;
  • avoiding hassles with social media engagement;
  • providing high-quality customer support services;
  • providing security and comfort working with remote employees;
  • enhancing your network speed with caching functions;
  • controlling your growing teams to stay productive throughout working hours. 

You can choose various plans in the categories of residential and mobile proxies. They suggest different options but do not impact the comfort of work with the application provided by soax.com. Using this service, you can control and set everything from the dashboard, analyze activities and do whatever else you need. 

The bottom line: when running a business from the start, the first thing to care about is the quality of connection and security. It will help you organize the current tasks better, set the work rhythm, and provide better conditions of development in perspective. Companies like soax.com offer the benefits of numerous IPs around the globe to help your business grow faster and faster.

Published: June 22, 2022

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