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BigCommerce Developers: The Ideal Solution for Your eCommerce Store

By: Louise Harris


To dominate the online marketplace, you need to have your online store running on a great platform such as BigCommerce. But, how are you gonna end up with a store that’s responsive, unique, and customer-centered?

The best way is to consider the help of BigCommerce developers as it allows the sellers to manage and track their sales, upload pictures, and make payments on a single platform. While we live in an era of hybrid apps, which offer several benefits to the sellers. These are a little time-consuming and often make the sellers wait for some time before their store is completely developed and ready to use.

This is why Bi Commerce is a simple yet great solution for small and medium-sized retailers. It allows them to kickstart their online store fast and start selling online without any hassle or spending endless hours on the app and web development.

What are the Required Skills to Become a BigCommerce Developer?

Although the BigCommerce developers should have in=depth knowledge about the platform and other technologies used with it and follow instructions. They don’t need to have the BigCommerce app and web development skills. BigCommerce is easy and made in a way that anyone can use it following the instructions and guides about its usage. However, they must know about the visual interface of the platform and have some real experience in store building using BigCommerce.

These are the basic skills every BigCommerce developer should have. Take a look.

1. Deep Understanding Of Visual Design

The developer should have a good and in-depth understanding of visual designs which he can use while creating an online store on BigCommerce. The developer must be aware of modern designs and concepts to make the website’s appearance more responsive and attractive. Having a good understanding of designing tools such as Photoshop will be a plus point too.

2. Good Knowledge of UX Design

The designer must be aware of the best uses of the software and how to create a design that improves the user experience and convinces them to stay on the website and make a purchase.

3. Expert in Theme Customization

Although BigCommerce comes with hundreds of pre-made themes, the designer should be able to customize any theme according to the client preferences and ease of use.

4. Should Know About Storefront APIs

The expert BigCommerce developers know how to work on Storefront APIs as it helps with the functionality of a website’s shopping cart and managing its checkouts. It helps in displaying the customer’s shopping cart to the owner so they can see the products a customer is looking for and the products with high demand.

Technical Skills Sets of a BigCommerce Developer

Here are the technical skills required to become a BigCommerce developer.

  • Programming languages such as PHP: jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, XML and some others.
  • Understanding of databases such as MySQL, MS SQL, SQ Lite, PostgreSQL, and other SQL databases such as MongoDB.
  • Good grasp on third-party app integration.
  • Page speed optimization of BigCommerce websites.
  • Expertise in website migration
  • In-depth understanding of server configuration.
  • Expertise in module development.

Soft Skills of A BigCommerce Developer

To be counted among the true expert BigCommerce developers, you have to be good in communication skills, have in-depth knowledge about the BigCommerce app and web development, and have a very innovative and unique approach towards making an ecommerce platform. Here are the top soft skills required to be a BigCommerce developer:

  • Communication Skills
  • In-depth Industry Knowledge
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Specialization In Various Streams

How To Hire An Expert BigCommerce Developer?

You should know what you’re looking for in your online store before you start looking for BigCommerce developers. Talk to an app development agency and discuss your idea with them. Let them know and prepare the features you should have in your app or online store.

As soon as you start receiving the developer’s profiles, you should know how to select the right one for your business. The one that fits in the position perfectly and has prior experience in developing relevant apps and online stores. Once you put your requirement online, you‘ll receive tons of developers’ profiles, out of which you have to finalize a few, so you can finally choose the one that fits the role best. Take a look at these steps, they’ll help you in hiring the best out of thousands of BigCommerce developers:

1. Prepare A Requirement Brief

You should know all features and functionalities you seek in your eCommerce store or website. Take a note of all the important points and make a list of all your requirements. Make sure these requirements are properly documented and explained as you might have to share them with the developer each time.

2. Shortlist the Developers

Once your brief is ready and you’re aware of the industry and category you are serving, start your hunt for the perfect candidate for your work. Each developer has a distinct profile stating all his qualities, expertise, experience, and portfolio. Also, you can see their cost per project, hourly rates, and testimonies of previous clients, which will help you make a good decision. Make sure you shortlist those developers who match your requirements and have done relevant projects to yours.

3. Set a Budget

Make sure you set a budget for your project, it’ll help you keep a check on the overall processes. From the candidates, you shortlisted, remove those that exceed your budget, especially those who will burn a hole in your pocket.

4. Get In Touch With Shortlisted Candidates

Now in this last step, reach out to these finest shortlisted developers and discuss your project with them. You can question them about the marketing trends, their expertise, deliverables, or anything regarding the project.

5. Choose Your Developer

Once you have your conversation with the developer, doesn’t matter if it was on the phone, face-to-face, or a Zoom call, It’s time to choose one expert and get the work started. for building your ecommerce platform.


The developer should be carefully chosen as he’ll be responsible for your business’s online presence. He should be able to represent your store attractively so your users can enjoy using your eCommerce store.

Published: January 24, 2022

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