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Best Tech Investments for Small Business Owners in 2022

By: Becky Wilson


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Much like the previous two years, 2022 will thrive under the auspices of remote or at least hybrid work. It is something that can both put a strain on small and medium businesses and be a relief. The line between them is drawn by making the right tech investments for the moments we are all going through right now.

Besides the obvious remote component of the problem, something else to keep an eye on is security on all levels.

Remote desktop solutions

At a time where many employees need or prefer to work from home, the problems you can run into range from security concerns to underperforming home computers or difficulty in repairing work computers taken home by employees. All these can be solved by implementing remote desktop technology.

What is remote desktop?

Remote desktop software allows a user to connect to a computer in a different location, see its desktop and interact with it as if they were physically at that computer. Common uses include using a work computer or server from home, allowing IT professionals to diagnose and fix issues remotely and collaborating with others on the same desktop screen.

The most obvious advantage of using a remote desktop solution is productivity. As employees can access their work environment infrastructure remotely, at any hour and from any location, this added flexibility and mobility increases job satisfaction and therefore productivity.

The next in line is security. Since work laptops no longer need to be taken home or on trips, they can no longer get lost or accessed by unauthorized individuals. Another important security aspect is redundant event logging, showing who accessed the network, when, how and where from.

Cloud storage solutions

Also under the banner of increased mobility of the workforce, we recommend having cloud storage and cloud computing in place. Cloud storage will lower your TCO, offer better accessibility and collaboration, essential disaster recovery capabilities and, once again, the much-needed improved security.

To further optimize your costs without sacrificing quality, opt for a global systems integrator that can offer you both remote desktop services and cloud storage solutions along with proper consulting tailored to your small business needs. After all, cloud storage comes in many forms and with many added capabilities, and it is important to put your money on the most suitable one.

Keep in mind that having backups in the cloud is extremely important for business continuity and minimizing the impact of any potential ransomware attack. It also has the added benefit of accommodating expanding data volumes.

Cybersecurity investments for 2022

Security is at the core of all successful businesses regardless of industry and size. In addition to cloud computing and remote desktop software, consider investing in VPNs and firewalls, employee training, updates, and upgrades.

It is known that human error plays an important role in data breaches so try to enforce a security-conscious culture at work, together with segmenting and limiting employee access to sensitive data. Simulate phishing attacks in your training, enforce strong passwords and implement password managers for an added layer of security.

Another aspect to consider in relation to cybersecurity is the ability to hire an IT professional that stays up to date with the rapidly changing cyberthreat landscape. You might find outsourcing to be more convenient for a small business like yours. The important thing is to not make compromises in terms of quality as everything is on the line.

Published: January 20, 2022

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