AI in Warehouse Management: Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry

a man using ai assistive technology in the logistics industry

The incorporation of AI in warehouse management has dramatically altered the landscape of warehousing and distribution. As a cornerstone of technological progress, AI has paved the way for significant advancements in logistics, enabling businesses to refine their operations, make more informed decisions, and streamline their processes more efficiently than ever before. Defining Artificial Intelligence in…

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Why Your Startup Needs a Connected Worker Platform

a team of start up entrepreneurs having a meeting

Our relationship with each other has evolved over the past 10 years. We are always connected, thanks to the widespread use of smart devices and the internet. At first, the difference was barely noticeable. However, in the coming years, there won’t be many facets of our existence that aren’t interconnected. We use our cell phones…

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The Robot Business Revolution 2019

Are robots getting ready to take over the world? Not just yet, but there is a robot revolution taking place—and it’s happening in offices, hospitals, and campuses near you. Over the last few years, robot technology has been advancing rapidly and the potential uses for these machines is growing just as quickly. Business leaders are…

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Robots on the Rise: 5 Examples of Innovations in Industrial Robotics

The term industrial robotics might conjure huge, fast-moving machines engaged in the kind of repetitive, dangerous work that humans used to handle: building automobiles, welding parts, and so on. Although those machines will certainly continue to take on larger roles in manufacturing, innovations in industrial robotics have started to lead humanity in intriguing new directions. From delicate…

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Robots: The New Tech Trend Taking Off

For a select group of early adopters, robots are making life safer and easier. They’ve emerged from labs walking, rolling and leaping on command. The term robot originated in 1921 from Czechoslovakian playwright Karel Capek’s play called (R.U.R) Rossum’s Universal Robots. It originated from the Czechoslovakian word for “forced labor.” The play left the public…

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