What Does It Mean To Be a Responsible Business Owner?


The first thing you need for your business to succeed, is to consistently be a responsible owner. This involves many different skills. From keeping a stern eye on finances to communicating and understanding employees, a responsible owner has many different areas to focus on. Below, we explore how you can become a responsible business owner.…

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Are You Unknowingly Inhibiting Your Team Members from Doing Their Jobs?

Results, results, results: When you’re in a position of leadership, this is probably the thing that occupies your mind and dictates your actions the most. However, as managers and leaders, we are responsible for so much more than just results. We’re responsible for the people we lean on to get them. There’s no such thing…

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Even a Taste of Ownership Motivates Employees

How about employees all the way down the line and through the corporation? How do we align them to the goals and strategies of the enterprise? Obviously for the appropriate individuals, a bonus program aligned to the department’s goals is appropriate. But how about awarding stock options for all employees? I discovered the power of…

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