High-Quality Aluminum Structures Create Long-Term Partnerships

various high quality aluminum structures

Aluminum is an environmentally friendly and attractive material for many tasks in the construction industry and other areas. The material has an excellent combination of strength and lightness, which ensures the stability of various building structures. Choosing quality aluminum structures becomes a strategic step in building long-term partnerships in the construction industry. Technohome is the exclusive…

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Are Glass Bottles Better Than Plastic?

a plastic bottle and cup next to a glass bottle and cup

With so many options when it comes to materials, there is always a debate about which material is better for your product. The same goes for glass and plastic. It is a topic of a really long debate.  That being said, which one is actually better? We will try to give an answer to that…

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5 Tips for Improving Online Materials Management

You use an online portal for your brand material ordering to simplify and unify. But how can you ensure your portal is really helping you save time and money while at the same time, keeping an eye out for brand consistency? Here are some tips: Lock in your brand specifications. Set your online portal up…

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