Can an Introvert Be a Successful Salesperson?

a business man hides his head behind a drawing of a smiling face

I recently conducted an informal poll on the Sales Central Group on and the results were that the respondents, all sales professionals, overwhelmingly believe that introverts can be successful sales pros. Succeeding in Sales, Part 1 Success in sales requires sales pros to engage in tasks and use skills that are usually very uncomfortable…

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5 Keys to Career and Business Success for Introverts

In this age where every person feels the need for a relationship with people they do business with, introverts like me might seem to be at a distinct disadvantage. Most of us just don’t have the urge to proactively get out and talk to new people, face-to-face, online, or through an app. This is equally…

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5 Networking Tactics for Introverted Professionals

Networking events can be an introvert’s worst nightmare. On one hand, they can be essential to success. On the other, however, they can be unfriendly reminders of an introvert’s individualistic nature. While most introverts don’t necessarily have social anxiety, their introspective and reticent personalities means they’re often unaccustomed to large social scenarios. Small talk is…

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