How Delivery Route Software Drives Innovation in Logistics

a businessperson planning a route through a city using technology

In modern commerce, logistics is the lifeline that keeps businesses thriving. It’s all about the delicate art of seamlessly moving goods from one place to another, maintaining a balance between supply and demand. Amidst this lies robust delivery route software for dynamic routing needs—a device quietly reforming logistics by optimizing routes and limiting inefficiencies. This…

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Making Deliveries? 6 Bicycle Laws You Must Know

a bicycle delivery person abiding by the law

If you run a restaurant or any food delivery business, you know that deliveries are an important service and revenue source. Particularly if your business is in a city, many of those deliveries will be by bicycle. Many of your workers might also use a bicycle for their commute to work, or for recreation. Bicycle…

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Don’t Let Drowsy Driving Impair Your Business

“Driving while sleepy,” or drowsy driving, can be deadly. According to estimates from the National Sleep Foundation, drowsiness behind the wheel could be responsible for over 6,000 deaths each year. There’s also data from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration that suggests drowsy driving led to 91,000 crashes in 2017 alone. If you own a business that depends…

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