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Launching a Podcast: Your Questions Answered

By: Rumzz Bajwa


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The podcast is no longer a new phenomenon. In recent years, podcasts have been experiencing a real boom: hundreds of high-quality projects have been launched, and the number of their listeners is estimated at millions.

Creating a podcast is quite an interesting process, and there are some basic steps you can take to start out. For more professional help or if you don’t want to go it alone, then it’s probably better for you to contact a podcast production agency for help.

How to make money with podcasts

You can earn money on the airwaves not only with the help of advertising. You can create an account on Patreon (a crowdfunding platform where content creators receive cash donations from fans) or sell the merch of your podcast. It is better to start Patreon when a loyal audience of at least a couple of thousand listeners has formed around the podcast.

It should be treated not as a platform for donations (it is psychologically difficult for many of us to ask for donations), but as a platform that creates a win-win situation for podcasters. You create some additional exclusive content for your patrons, and they buy it there.

Is it possible to make a living with income from the podcast?

Yes, it is possible. Now it is the main source of income for many people who record podcasts. True, at first it will not bring you a huge profit, because you still need to gain your audience, but isn’t this an interesting hobby? After a while, you will have regular advertisers and your own commercial director. However, we do not recommend launching a podcast just for earning money. It should be done for love.

Advantages of podcasts for advertisers

This is a format that is slowly gaining an audience. But it has advantages for advertisers — for example, the fact that podcasts are listened to by a progressive audience with at least average earnings, and they also have a very high depth of consumption, much higher than texts in online media or videos on YouTube. Also, native ads in podcasts are very rarely squandered.

6 tips for beginners

  1. The pilot can be recorded in the kitchen. But, if you are a perfectionist, a good solution would be to rent a recording studio. There you can make an appointment with a professional sound engineer who will set up microphones for you and then give you tracks of excellent quality.
  2. Take care of sound insulation: sit in a small room without noise, close all windows and doors. Speak as close to the microphone or voice recorder as possible (but not directly close, so as not to overload the sound).
  3. Release new episodes regularly — this directly affects the growth of the audience in streaming. You can, for example, come up with permanent recording and release days and stick to the plan.
  4. Structure the conversation, prepare questions, and if possible, write a thesis script that you will adhere to. This will make life much easier for you as an author, and for the person who will mount the recording.
  5. Explore the possibilities of mainstreaming platforms for podcasts: Apple Podcasts, Castbox, and others. Many of them have promo application forms — this is when your podcast gets into the selection of recommended podcasts on the main page. These promos give a very good increase in the audience.
  6. Build a community around the podcast and respect your listeners. Answer them in social networks, make a chat or email for feedback and interactivity, try to hold offline events for listeners and friends of the podcast. This will both help in promotion and will charge you with motivation to continue recording the podcast.

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Published: July 20, 2021

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