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13 Tips for Turning Your Office into a Sanctuary for Creativity

By: Carl Conton


13 Tips for Turning Your Office into a Sanctuary for Creativity

A lot of businesses are recognizing that employees need to feel comfortable in their workspace. Turning bland and traditional office decor into creative havens can yield very positive results for you and your business. But what makes a space ‘creative’ exactly?

It’s hard to define, but a creative space will boost morale, increase productivity and improve communication. I’ve compiled a list of 13 tips that bump creativity to new levels, improving your employees’ ability to work in groups and find new ways of tackling problems.

1. Designate Communal Spots

It’s important for coworkers to have a place where they can gather and brainstorm through ideas. When I was working in an office space in Toronto, I made the right choice that the space should have plenty of room to fit a big, conference-style table, where the creative minds can nest and strategize, engage in debates, and work in a more productive way.

Reach out to some local artisans and turn your communal spaces into comfortable, laid-back environments. Employee productivity skyrockets when your decor shifts from business to casual.

2. Remind People Why they Chose This Company

Empowering messages have both a symbolic and aesthetic component to them. Displaying your business’s values in plain sight will remind your workers of what it is you stand for and what they’re working towards.

Whether you take an active interest in climate change or you put more emphasis on teamwork, it’s best to keep those around you motivated. Decorating your office walls with motivational quotes is one of the best ways of doing so.

3. Take Their Mind off the Schedule

A work environment should be comfortable and welcoming. Putting clocks on every wall might put the workers off and keep them constantly reminded of how much time’s left until the next break.

4. Stock on Treats

Every good team deserves a treat now and again. Such a small gesture can have a big positive impact on office morale. Pick a table, a drawer, or a desk, and stock it up with some treats and snacks. This will give workers a boost in comfort while making them feel more welcome in your office space.

5. Make Your Own Statement

Leave your own print on the design of your office space. If you’re in the automotive industry, find a way to incorporate some of the industry’s charm in your office, like installing car seats instead of regular armchairs. Think outside of the box and bring some extra charm to your spaces.

6. Post-its, Markers, Whiteboards

21st-century office space should always have creative tools on hand, tools which employees can use to tackle problems in an organized, engaging way. Office whiteboards have become a must-have because they allow employees to work quickly in big groups without having to rely on emails and messages.

7. Design an Ideal Kitchen

Avoid giving your kitchen a corporate design. It is a space where cliques form and come up with new ideas. Sure, lunchtime is break time, but coworkers will always discuss business, and designing a welcoming, comfortable kitchen will ensure that the same creative atmosphere is being kept across the entire office.

8. Potted Plants and Natural Light

Few things are more depressing than bland carpets and neon lights. Allowing natural light to shine in your office space and even bringing in some potted plants will lighten up the vibe. Nature-like patterns and images have a positive effect on one’s cognitive system, enabling the brain to process information more efficiently.

9. Don’t be too Strict

In order for your employees to feel welcomed, they need to have certain freedoms. Allowing them to bring in personal items is a simple gesture that can yield impressive results.

10. Games Help Cope with Stress

Bringing in a bit of fun will help your employees deal with stress and will also strengthen their relationships. Installing an air hockey table, a console, and some bean bag chairs is a simple and cost-effective way of taking the pressure off your employees.

11. Make Open Spaces Available

Open areas which can host big numbers are key to keeping creative levels high. Keep them lightly-furnished so that people can move and work unconstrained.

12. Don’t Nail Everything to the Floor

Creativity is a flexible trait, so it’s important to give your office that same flexibility. If you invest in furniture that’s easy to move around, your employees will find it easier to turn their working spaces into comfortable, homey areas.

It’s also important to pick the right shape for your furniture. Circular tables encourage people to move around and focus into larger working groups.

13. Outlets and Wifi

Make sure that every room has enough outlets and good wifi coverage to support the hordes of people. Technology is essential to the current climate, so make sure to give it proper support in your office spaces.

Bland decors and dull neon lights will break anyone’s motivation. Our tips encourage creativity, allowing employees to work together unconstrained by traditional office concepts.

Published: March 8, 2019

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