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Promoting a New Business

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Promoting a new business is all about raising awareness, whether it’s one person at a time or in large groups. At 9 Round Kickbox Fitness in Decatur, Georgia, C.J. Pascuzzo has found that the best way to promote the business is to just talk to people—in any way possible. That might mean standing outside the business and talking to people passing by, giving more information to people who have come inside the gym, or handing out cards. It helps to be in a high traffic area, with a train station right next door bringing a constant flow of people to his storefront.
Another strategy C.J. has found to be effective is reaching out with business to business deals. You can successfully promote your business by going to other businesses in the area with established customer bases and working out a way to perhaps put brochures in the window or offer discounted rates in exchange for something for a comparable return. For example, the customers of another business might get discounts at 9 Round, while 9 Round customers get a discount at the other business in exchange.
Published: July 25, 2013

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