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5 Underused But Powerful Ways To Promote Your Startup

By: Fran Canete


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Starting a new business is not an easy thing, let alone during or after a crisis like Covid-19. Entrepreneurs, especially those who are just starting off, go through different challenges. However, if you are able to promote your startup in the right way, you won’t face the problems that many entrepreneurs go through. 

This means that you have to find the most effective and reliable ways of connecting with your target market in order to establish a long-lasting relationship with your business. The following are some underused approaches you can use to promote your startup.

Turn Your Clients into Heroes

Your clients are your most important and valuable asset. If you add value to them you will be elevating your business to a higher level. Nothing is more satisfying to clients than feeling valued by a brand. The idea here is to create avenues through which you can turn them into heroes. 

For example, you can use videos, case studies, and interviews to create “hero” testimonials for your customers. As you do this, you will be demonstrating how important they are to your startup. They will feel as part of your business and, in turn, they will share about your brand to others. Thus, make sure that you create something that they will really like.

Grow your authority with guest blogging

This is an effective strategy you can use to promote the reputation and awareness of your brand. As you do this, you will be building the credibility of your brand, and, as a result, you will be attracting your target audience to your site. 

Customers look for the reliability of a brand when searching for where to buy products from. Thus, if you venture into guest blogging, you will be setting in place the authoritativeness that attracts traffic. Indeed, this is a strategy with great potential for brand promotion. Try it out and see the outcomes it will bring to your startup.

Guest Podcasting is the new guest blogging

Many people out there start seeing podcasting as the new blogging. Guess what? They are right.

Guest podcasting gives you an opportunity to reach out to new audiences who would be interested in your brand. This is a great way to connect and engage with an audience that will potentially become yours. Your primary focus here should be on building true relationships. 

If you are able to build a solid relationship with your audience, you are doing a good job in promoting your startup. Particularly, if you’re doing guest podcasts on a show that already has a large listener base, you are strategically placed to create lasting relationships for your brand’s growth.

Build Your Own Community

If you can create your own community, this is such a strategic way of promoting your startup. Essentially, a community brings people together and rallies them towards a particular goal. 

Your mission here is to bring the greatest possible value to the community, facilitating connections between members, featuring experts to share their advice, or even inviting community members to share their experiences.

The online space provides a rich environment to build a community that will help promote your brand. For example, you can make use of different social media platforms to create groups that will help spread the message about your business. Given that a large percentage of people are in this space, you can make the best out of it.

Additionally, you can identify group administrators on different forums (eg.. Facebook and LinkedIn groups) and establish a collaboration that will add value to your brand as they share with their members.

Create a Free Mini-Course

A free course will be so valuable in attracting customers to your brand. The information you are creating and distributing on different platforms will bring forth positive outcomes. This shows that you value your customers and you are willing to invest in them. 

Since you are distributing the free course to platforms that are relevant to your industry and market, you will succeed in promoting your startup. Fundamentally, creating a free course helps you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and, consequently, establish a solid reputation for your brand.

The good thing about promoting your startup is that there are different and diverse ways to do it, and you don’t need to rely on aggressive tactics that won’t help you in the long run.

Try out these underused but powerful strategies to promote your brand. If you implement them well, they will bear good fruits. Your business will connect with your target market quite well, and you will soon move from being a startup to a well-established brand.

Published: May 13, 2020

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