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3 Tips From Top Models for Creating a Strong Personal Brand

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Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Krissy Teigen. These are top model names that even a child probably knows. How did they become so big? Personal Branding.

Modeling is one of the most coveted careers, and millions of women are streaming to get inside. However, it takes more than height and a pretty face to become a recognized model. Your social media image, how well you connect with your fans, and what you represent make up your brand.

Your brand is what makes agencies and corporations prefer one model over another to promote their business. Whether you have been in the modeling industry for a while or you are just starting, these three tips will help you to create a strong personal brand that businesses will put their money behind.

1. Kick up your social media presence

We are living in a time where careers are made on social media. It is, therefore, critical that you come up with a strategy to get your name out there. Social media allows you to showcase your personality and what you are bringing to the table.

By actively engaging with your audience and offering value to them, you get more followers, and that improves your brand. Make sure you use appropriate names on your handles, so it’s easy for anyone to find you.

Unfortunately, social media also poses threats because any psycho out there can contact you pretending to be an agency or a corporate mogul. Online safety is important for models because they are an easy target. Be on the lookout for anything that makes you cringe, such as inappropriate comments, grammatically incorrect emails, hounding, and weird terms and conditions.

2. Choose a niche

A niche is what you want to be known for. Believe it or not, most women are beautiful, tall, and they can strut with heels effortlessly.

What makes you different is what you can offer the world. According to Tyra Banks, you have to look at the white space and ask yourself, what’s not there? How can I penetrate?

If you look at the ladies above, every one of them is known for something great. For example, people know Chrissy Teigen for her funny wits and no non-sense comebacks. She is within her right one of the most-followed people on social media because of that.

3. Post content consistently

If you want your brand to grow, you must throw yourself out there consistently. People will not know who you are if you are just quietly sitting in your house. You also have to show up as an authority figure in whatever niche you chose. Be sure to regularly post content on your social media platforms, linked in, website, and even videos like YouTube.

To wrap up, your brand must be authentic. The last thing you want is to be one person in front of people and another one behind the scenes. Let your personality show up and stand for your values no matter what.

Published: March 27, 2020

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